Book Project Grade 6

Summer Reading Assignment:  due on Thursday, September 9, 2010
Please return the book and the project on this date.

You must complete three reading response questions for The Pinballs.  You may use a word processor or write neatly.  Your Reading Response Assignment and the book lent to you for the summer will be collected on the first day of school.


Answer three of the following reading response questions as completely as possible.  Each answer should consist of a paragraph of 5 sentences or more.

  1. If you could meet one of the characters in the book, which one would you choose?  Explain why you would choose this character.
  2. If you could interview one character, who would you choose and what five questions would you ask him/her?  Write the answers you predict the character would give.
  3. What was your favorite or least favorite part of the story?  Explain in detail.
  4. Were you satisfied with the ending of the story?  What did you like/dislike about the ending?
  5. What connections did you make with your own life?  Explain in detail.
  6. Choose a character.  Describe him/her in detail.  Include your opinion of the character.
  7. Compare and contrast your favorite character to yourself.
  8. Compare and contrast the setting to your own environment.
  9. Did you feel the story had a message for the reader?  If so, what was the message?  Explain in detail.

Make sure to label your Reading Response Assignment with your name, date, and the title of the book.



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