Current Happenings

Our student garden started as a Big Idea from a small group of people. This Big Idea became a thoughtful, realistic plan with input and support from NH schools that have created successful gardens, many local farmers, farm-to-school experts, Stratham Recreation, the School Board, parents, our teachers and administration, and spearheaded by the PTO. In the Spring of 2016, with the overwhelming generosity from many organizations, farms and people in the seacoast community, the garden was built. 

The Green Growing Lab now stands with 7 raised beds (1 dedicated to each grade, plus a strawberry bed), shed, gravel paths, a fence, picnic tables, and an outdoor classroom shaded by a tree & pergola.    

Garden Calendar

Enjoy these pictures from Opening Day. See more albums

What else might you want to know? 
  • The garden becomes part of the curriculum of all students beginning in the 2016-17 academic year. 
  • The garden is located in the field across from the Makerspace modular and Kindergarten playground. 
  • We have incredible support from the Stratham & seacoast community. 
  • SMS students started working on the launch in the spring of 2016, and many experienced the garden during class time leading up to the launch.
  • The garden needs volunteers to help care for plants when school is not in session.