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 1 .-  "Pakistani di mushkil"
  "Pakistani di mushkil"

Ghar wich panjabi bolo

School wich urdu bolo

parcha angrazi wich hal kero

marn tu baad hisab arbi wich

Uffff! banda ki kare?  

2 .- PaKiStAn ArMy
  We change the course of time creek.
We take the nation grace to peak.
We never ever in war spreek.
we fight death and death we seek.
The hand of life & death we play.
We kiss the lips of death & say.
We did once in the warrior way & those coward die every day.

" we play with death"
PaKiStAn ArMy

3 .- 15 years ago many asians
  15 years ago many asians countries were facing currency devaluing process. Korean currency fell by 30% in one day. Nxt day there were lines of ppl in front of banks and they were submitting there forign currency and jewelry inorder to save there countries.They are nations we are individuals. May Allah make us nation. Plz forward ths to as many ppl as u cn to prove ur self a nation.

.- Hm Zindagi bhar pyar krenge
aj hm
Dono wada
krein k,

Hm Zindagi bhar pyar krenge,

Wafa krenge,

Hm Mohabat krenge,

Sath nibhaege,

Sirf or srf


5 .- luv PAKISTAN or leave
  "Never thnk wht da country gives u, but c what u ve given to it"
Imagin a life wthout ur mother.This 'll b ur lyf wdout PAKISTAN!
luv PAKISTAN or leave Pakistan

6 .- 1 of the most funniest
  1 of the most funniest and shortest joke. . . .

Next year Pakistan will export electricity.

7 .- Pakistan in year 2010
  Pakistan in year 2010!

Ak shaks chilaya..
a gai..
a gai..
Light a gai!

Dusra shaks kandhe pe hath rakhte huay:
Aisa Kuch b nai, ye Bus tumhara wehem hy :p ;->

8 .- A man died in Amritsar
  A man died in Amritsar. His wife was crying:
Ve tu othe tur gaya ain jithe diva na batti,
Ve tu othe tur gaya ain jithe manji na pirhi,
Ve tu othe tur gaya ain jithe aata na roti.
The son asked his mother: Amma, kidre Abba Pakistan te nai tur gaya?

9 .- Aao shahedon sair karein
  Aao shahedon sair karein tumko pakistan ki

jisky khatir tumny lakhon janey qurban ki

na nabi ka farman na laaj rakhi rehman ki

khud ko kaha muslim hum ny or harkat ki shaitan ki

Bandh kr jism par bomb lakhon masomon ki janli

na jung ourat ki na jung kisi k maal ki
lakhon janey le humny baghair jismo khal ki

na hasan ki qurbani na hussain ki shadat yad ki
kaey maon k lal mardey ye kesi hum ny majal ki

ab kese karein sair tumko hum apny pakistan ki.


Hukumat ne ailaan kia hai 2009 . 2010 mei nae shadi shuda jorey bijli peda kareige.


(mulk mei bijli ki kami hai

bacho ki NAHI