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 1 .-  A Bird Sitting On Branch
  A Bird Sitting On Branch Of A Tree Is Not Afraid By The Shaking Branch

Because The Bird Trusts Not Branch But Her Wings.

Believe In Urself...  

2 .- Worry Litle Bit Evryday
  Worry Litle Bit Evryday
In a Lyftym U'll Lose a Couple Of Years
If Sumthing Is Wrong, Fix It If U Can
Train Urself Not 2 Worry
Worry Never Fixes Anything  

3 .- Do Not Wish For
  "A Beautiful Saying"

"Do Not Wish For Less Problems,
Always Wish For More Skills"....

4 .- Don't Be Afraid
  Don't Be Afraid Of Pressure ...
Remember That
Pressure Is What Turns A Lump Of Coal In To A Diamond ...

5 .- A ball in my hands is
  A ball in my hands is worth some Rupees but
A ball in Wasim akram's hands is worth a milion

A Gun in my hands may b useles,
A Gun in Nepolean's hands won wars,

A Rod in my hands may keep away an angry dog,
A Rod in Moosa's (A.S) Hands parted d mighty sea

so put ur concerns, wories, fears, hopes, dreams, family, n all in ALLAH's Hands

bcoz . . .
It all depends whose hands its in |_=_|

6 .- B Satisfied With LIFE
  B Satisfied With LIFE & Always

Unsatisfied With The

RESULTS You Produce.

Thats The

Best Way

To Keep

Growing & Discover

Our Hidden Potential.

7 .- Step by step the journey
  Step by step the journey goes on,

Little by little it may seem so long.

Forget about ur past, you can't change it,

Forget about your future, you cant predict it.

Just think about present, you can handle it.

Enjoy present's every moment & be happy...

Always aiming high.

8 .- If An Egg Is Broken
  If An Egg Is Broken Due 2 OUTSIDE Force Inside Life END's

If It Breaks Frm Inside Life Begins

GREAT Things Alwys Begin Frm Inside

  9 .- Champions r nt
  Champions r nt superhumans,they just fight 1 extra secnd whn every1 else quit. Remembr, sometimes 1 extra secnd of effort gives u the success. Keep trying.

10 .- Some People Think That ...
  Some People Think That ...


As Sentimentaly Bad


They Forget

To Know About

"Every Black Board,

Makes Bright Students ... "