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1 .- Ye Dunya Bhi Badi
  Ye Dunya Bhi Badi Ajeeb Hai

Jab Aap Chup Rehte Hain To Wo Aap Ko Bewaqoof Samajhti Hai


Jab Aap Bolte Hain To Un Ka Shak Yaqeen Me Badal Jata Hai. 

2 .- Best Poem of 2005.
  This poem, written by an African child was nominated for the Best Poem of 2005.


When I born, I black;
When I grow up I black;
When I go in sun I black;
When I scared, I black;
When I sick, I black;
And when I die, I still black;

And Ü White fellows;

When U born, U pink;
When U grow up, U white;
When U go in sun, U red;
When U cold, U blue;
When U scared, U yellow;
When U sick, U green;
When U die, U grey;
And U call me coloured?

3 .- There iS a DiFFeReNcE
  CraZy ThOuGhT

There iS a DiFFeReNcE oF OnE LeTTeR iN ThE SpELLiNgS oF NeW eLeCTeD aMeRiCaN PrEsiDeNT N WoRLd's MoST WaNTeD TeRRoRiST . . .


4 .- A face can speak 1000
  A face can speak 1000 emotions but it can easily mask what the heart truly feels, Don't be fooled by the happiest face.It may be masking the most hurting heart.

5 .- An old farmer livd
  An old farmer livd on his farm.He wrote to his Innocent son in prison,
"this year i wont b able to plant potatoes coz I cant dig the ground.I know if u were here u wud help me."
The son replied,"u idiot, dont dig the ground.Thats where i buried the guns"
The next day,the ground was dug by police lookin 4 guns but nothing was found. The son wrote again,
"plant ur potatoes dad,its the best i cud do from here"

6 .- Best Moments In Life
  =.Best Moments In Life.=

-2 laugh until it hurts Ur stomach

-2 clear Ur last exam

-2 recve a call 4m some1, U dnt c a lot, bt U wana

-2 hear acidntly dat somebody said somethng gud of U

-2 wake up & realize its stil posible 2 sleep a couple of hrs

-2 hear a song dat makes U remembr gud tyms

-2 pass a while wid Ur bst frndz

-2 c an old frnd agn & 2 feel thngz havn't chngd

I hope dat I bring abt d remembrnce of all those cherishable memories

7 .- If people never did
  If people never did silly things,nothing intelligent would ever get done.

8 .- If people never did
  If people never did silly things,nothing intelligent would ever get done.

9 .- I Don't Cheat,
  I Don't Cheat,

I Just Change The Rules!

I Always Want To Rise Up,

But Gravity Brings Me Down!


10 .- The 3 dreams of man
  The 3 dreams of man:
1-To b as handsom as his mothr thinks he is
2-To b as rich as his child thinks he is
3-To hav as many girlfrends as his wife believs he has         

  11 .- The 3 dreams of man
  The 3 dreams of man:
1-To b as handsom as his mothr thinks he is
2-To b as rich as his child thinks he is
3-To hav as many girlfrends as his wife believs he has

    12 .- PaK¡StAn aur india
  A¡Sa K¡A Ha¡ Jo PaK¡StAn aur india main boht AaM Ha¡?




















/ :"._$M$2friends.com_.": /

  13 .- The FragRance of FlowErs
  The FragRance of FlowErs SpreAds

onlY in thE DireCtion of thE winD.

But thE GoodNesS

oF a PersOn SpreAds

in aWl DireCtion....

eM Hv Yew.........

14 .- A BiG pOt FuLl Of WaTeR
  A BiG pOt FuLl Of WaTeR
cAn bE eMpTiEd By
A sMaLl HoLe ...
A lItTlE aNgEr Or EgO
wIlL bUrN uP
aLl tHe NoBiLiTy Of A gOoD hEaRt ...

StAy CaLm n CoOl (=

15 .- Men of Geneius
  Men of Geneius

Men of Wealth

Men of Power

But Only

Men of Character

16 .- Hm sMs K DoCtOr HaIn
  ThOrA GaRaM ThAnDa ZiYaDa PiYa KaRo

sMs ZaRa NaYa KiYa KaRo

AgR SmJh Na AyE To Hm Se PoCh LiYa KaRo

Hm sMs K DoCtOr HaIn

Hm Se RoZ Ek KhOrAk Ly LiA KrO.;->

  17 .- We may nt b eligible
  We may nt b eligible 4 oscars or grammys,

?ut we are eligible 4 life's precious moment

A ?ig hug, a quiet evening walk wd a frnd, stdyng late nite, watchng the rain, sipping hot coffee, a gud day at colage, parents luv, nice long chat wid a loved one, 2 c a beautiful girl/hot guy smile at us 4 no reason & a simple msg 4m a random friend


We may not get these back,


18 .- Mubarkan hon g mubarkan
  Mubarkan hon g mubarkan

balle balle
chak de phatte

aha aha

ooho ooho




aj -asi- tuwano fer msg kr ditta,

19 .- It's Amazingly Amazing That
  It's Amazingly Amazing That

The Amount Of News That Happens In The Country & Rest Of The World Everyday

Alwayz Just Exactly Fits The News Paper ... :d ;->

20 .- "TeLl Me ThE tRuTh."

WhEn ! sAy "!'m F!nE."

! wAnT s0mEoNe To Lo0k mE

!n ThE eYeS & sAy,

"TeLl Me ThE tRuTh."

  21 .- Love Is Second Mistake
  Love Is Second Mistake Created By GOD!!!

Of Course Girls Are First!!!

But The Fact Is That Both Are Beautiful Mistakes..!;)


Ce|ebrAtion Meanz
4 Frndz
?aHar ?Arsat
& 4 Glasses Of pEpsi.

Ce|ebrAtion Meanz
100 bUcks Of Petrol
A rUsty Old ?ike
& Open Road.

Ce|ebrAtiOn Meanz
Maggi Noodles
A HostEl Room
& 4:25 a.m.

Celebration Meanz
3 Old Frndz
3 Separate Cities
3 Coffee mUgz
& msn messenger.

Ce|ebrAtiOn Meanz
A sUmmer nIght
A Bottle Of Coconut Oil
& Head Massag

It's nOt thE money but thE timE you spEnd wId yOur lOvEd OnEs...

Keep In toUch !

  23 .- ... Money Talks ...
  ... Money Talks ...

I Don't Deny ...

I Heard It ...

When I Took It Out From Pocket ...

It Said Good-Bye ... ;->

  24 .- I may nt b ur PEPSI
  I may nt b ur PEPSI, Choice of new generation
I may nt b ur COKE, Only d real thing
Or Ur NIDO, World's No.1 But
I can b ur REXONA, I won't let U down 4 sure (:

25 .- I Like Long Walks ...
  I Like Long Walks ...


When They Are Taken

By People

Who Annoy ME ... ;->



I want somethn 4 my mother


100 Rs.



  28 .- The Best Environment Day
  The Best Environment Day Slogan?

?Save Earth,

This Is The Only

Planet With Girls !:-)

29 .- Then why do people get heart attack
  Tension happens in brain and love is felt in heart. Then why do people get heart attack when they are tensed and why people get mad when they are in love.

30 .- Dis is a warning to all those people
  Dis is a warning to all those people who don't smoke or drink. One day, you'll lose all ur friends, They will all die & you'll be left alone. So, Start smoking.

  31 .- Most Men Only Listen To
  |.. LoVeLy ThOuGht ..|
Most Men Only Listen To Only 10% Of What Women Say.. But The Successful Ones Are Those Who Figure Out Which 10% To Listen To.. ;->

     32 .- pyar karna. agar gunah hai to
  jo pyar ke rishte hum banate he, uselogo se kyo chupate hain,kya gunah hota hai kisi ko pyar karna. agar gunah hai to bachpan se sab pyar karna kyo sikhate he.

  33 .- Maths Magic:
  Maths Magic:
Ur cell nmbr's
last digit x 2
+ 5
x 50
+ ur AGE
+ 365
- 615.
The last
2 no. is
ur age &
1st no. is
ur cell's last no

34 .- If I Ever Rude To U
  If I Ever Rude To U

If Ever I Was Angry Wid U

If Ever I Mis-behaved Wid U

Than Don't Hesitate

Just SLAP UrSelf..

Ghalti Tumhari He Hogi . . . . ;->

35 .- Tum ne miss call kyun di thi?
  Kya hua?
Tum ne miss call kyun di thi?

agar aap ki miss call ati to me yehi msg krta.

  36 .- ek LOVER ki sorat ho Khudaya meri
  Lab-pe-aati hai dua ban k tamna meri Zindagi

ek LOVER ki sorat ho Khudaya meri

IMPRESS mujhse her ek larki ho jaye

meri ek nazar pe dil apna woh de jaye

ho meri JiN se yunhi meray badan ki zeenat

jis tarhaan MAKEUP se hoti hai husin ki zeenat

ho mera kaam school,college k bahar shararat karna

her HASEEN larki ki maa se bhi mohabbat karna

meray ALLAH parhai se bachna mujhko


  37 .- mangta hoon to deti nahi
  mangta hoon to deti nahi

jawab meri baat ka

deti ho to khara ho jata hai

rom rom jazbaat ka

kyun kehte ho bar bar daloo

baloo mein phool ghulab ka

38 .- Height of fashion?
  Height of fashion?

-Dhotee with zip

Height of secrecy?

-Blank Visiting Card

Height of Stupidity?

-Looking through a keyhole of a glass door

  39 .- Wada kro k tum
  Wada kro

wada kro
k tum
zindagi ki
har cheez
mujh se
wada kro
tak k

apny mobile ka balance Bhi

  40 .- Height Of Smartness..
  Height Of Smartness..

Professor : Only Wise Men Hesitate. . . Fools Are Always Confident. . . ! !

Student: Are U Sure Sir. . . ?? ;->

  41 .- Height Of Cowardice:
  Height Of Cowardice:
2 Persons Fighting Through Sms

Height Of Helplessmess:
Receiving No Sms For A Weak

Height Of TimePass:
A Person Snding Sms To Himail, Wishing Them To Win A Match.

Height Of Having No Work:
U r Reading Such Long Sms . . . ;->

  42 .- Height Of ...
  Height Of Cowardice:
2 Persons Fighting Through Sms

Height Of Helplessmess:
Receiving No Sms For A Weak

Height Of TimePass:
A Person Snding Sms To HimSelf

Height Of Achievement:
A Person Snding Sms To A Girl Wanting To Become Frnds & Getting A Reply

Height Of Expectation:
Snding Pakistani Team An E-mail, Wishing Them To Win A Match.

Height Of Having No Work:
U r Reading Such Long Sms . . . ;->

43 .- Good Way To REDUCE Alcohal
  One Good Way To REDUCE Alcohal Consumption . . .

Before Marriage. . . Drink WhenEver U r SAD

After Marriage. . . Drink WhenEver U r HAPPY . . . ;->

  44 .- How 2 Grow Up a Baby
  How 2 Grow Up a Baby 2 Make It absolutly Charming, Smart,Gud Luking, Cute, Funny, Truthful & An Xtremly Inteligent kid?

Feel Free

Ask My Parents ;->

45 .- Aaj Newspaper me padha ki
  Aaj Newspaper me padha ki doston ko sMs karne se dil ki bimari ho sakti hai..!

To aaj se BAND!!!

Kya Sms?

Nahi re!


  46 .- solution: study=fail.

study=dont fail

dont study=fail

adding eq 1&2

study+dont study=fail+dont fail

taking common










48 .- PAKISTAN is the most RESPONSIBLE country!
  9/11; PAKISTAN responsible

7/7; PAKISTAN responsible

Mumbai blast; PAKISTAN responsible

Rise of taliban; PAKISTAN responsible

N.Korea nuclear bomb; PAKISTAN responsible

Conclusion: PAKISTAN is the most RESPONSIBLE country!

  49 .- What Are The Two Reasons
  Q: What Are The Two Reasons Why Women Don't Mind Thier Own Business...???

1 => No M!nD

2 => No Business..... ;->

  50 .- Snd Dis To D Women Who can Handle It
  Why Men Are Never Depressed....??

Men Are Just Happier Ppl.. Sum Reasons R Written Below..

Thier Last Name Stays Same

They Can Wear A White T-Shirt To A Water Park

They Don't Have To Think Which Way To Turn A Nut On A Bolt

Ppl Never Stare At Thier Chest When They R Talking To Them

1 Wallet, 1 Belt & 1 Pair Of Shoes ... 1 Color 4 All Season

A 5 Day Vacation Requires Only 1 Suitcase

They Can Open A Tight Jar

Thier Underwear Is Rs. 195 For a Three Pack


They Can B President But Cant B Pragnent :->

No Wonder Men R Happier

Snd Dis To D Women Who can Handle It
& To Men Who WiLL Enjoy IT ;->

51 .- !... I Hate You ...!
  !... I Hate You ...!

I Hate Ur Smile

I Hate Ur Laughs

I Hate Ur Kiss

I Hate Ur Hugs

BuT mOst Ov All,

I Hate That

I Don't

Hate You.../

  52 .- Sab se nice Sms
  Ek Roz Roshni k Hazaar Sitaray honge,

Or Apki Ankhon me Hasin Nazare honge,

Qayamat k Din jb Apka Mobile check kia jye ga,

To Sab se ziada Sms Hamare hon ge.

53 .- QK kuchh rishton ko nzar
  Dosti cheez nahi hoti jatanay ki

Hamari aadat nai doston ko
bhulanay ki

Hum is liye kam sms krtay hain apko

QK kuchh rishton ko nzar lag jati hai zamane ki

  54 .- life is a paradox -
  life is a paradox - Wht u want, you don't get (love)wht u get u don't enjoy (marriage)wht u enjoy is nt permanent (girlfriend)wht is permanent is boring (wife)

55 .- ad I known this, I'd have taken a loan
  I bought a Car on loan. I didn't pay the dues, the bank took away my bike.

Had I known this, I'd have taken a loan for my marriage also.../

CHEERS... ;->

56 .- Vat Iz Yorr..Opeeneun...??.../
  A Reasent Studdi
Haz Shon..

Dat Peepal Hoo Aar Werry..

Gudd Lukeeng Aar

Badd Att Spallings........

Vat Iz Yorr..


  57 .- "a MaRrIaGe Is SuCcEsSfU||
  ThOuGhT Ov ThE DaY....

"a MaRrIaGe Is SuCcEsSfU||

WhEn It wUd Be


A B|?nD W?f3


A d3aF HuSbAnD...." ;->

58 .- he's RITE, is a HUSBAND ;->
  A person who surrenders when he's WRONG, is HONEST.
A person who SURRENDERS when not SURE, is WISE.
A person who surrenders even if he's RITE, is a HUSBAND ;->

  59 .- sirf 100 ka balance Share
  Wafadar hai ham wafa karenge
jan mango fida karenge
dil mango nikal kar hath par rakhenge
sirf 100 ka balance Share ya Card bhejo Namazi log hai dua karenge ;->

60 .- jaane kyon log flurt karte
  jaane kyon log flurt karte hain jaane kyon woh affairs chalate hain jaane kyon.... jaane kyon jaane kyon affairs bin jeene main rakha kya hai affair jiska nahi woh tanha hai affair 100 rang lekar ata hai affair hi zindagi sajaata hai log chup-chupkar affair chalate hain aur sabke samne frnds ban jate hain jaane kyon. jaane kyon affair best frnds main ladai karata hai affair main banda pagal ho jarta hai affair na chahte hue bhi chal jata hai affair bahut badnami karata hai akhir main har ladai ka base ban jata hai jaane kyon .jaane kyon jaanekyon lekin kabhi kabhi ye payar main convert ho jata hai

61 .- Kambakht phir 1 new number se miss call Aa gayi...!
  Dhoka mila jab bhi pyar mein,

Zindgi mein udasi chaa gayee..

Socha tha chhor den gay is raah ko,

Kambakht phir 1 new number se miss call Aa gayi...!

62 .- Sach aur veham mai kya fark hai
  Teacher:Sach aur veham mai kya fark hai?

Stud:Aap jo hum ko pahra rahy hain wo sach hai lekin hum parh rahy hain ye apka veham hai:-)

63 .- I have no objection,
  There is a saying

"If you want to be great, you must walk with great people."


I have no objection,
you can walk with me!

64 .- cool sms
  Chale gaye ho dur kuch pal ke liye,
Dur rehkar bhi karib ho har pal ke liye,
Kaise yaad na aaye aapki ek pal ke liye,
Jab dil me ho aap harpal ke liye.......

  65 .- Beauty
  Gareeb Log Peso ki bat karte hey,

Bare Log Time ki bat karte hey,

Khubsurat log Bat Nahi karte Sms karte hey


66 .- dua by salman 03343618273
  Jo khu$h? tumh?re q?r??b h? w? $?d? tumh?n n?seeb ho, Tujhe w? kh?l??s mile k j? ter? zindag? pr muh??t h?, Jo m?yaar tujhk? p?snd ho jo tumh?re dil ki umang ho, Teri zindagi jo t?lab kre tere hms?far ka wo rung h?, Jo khy?l dil m?n a$eer h? aur du? m?n bhi ta$eer ho, Tere h?th uthte hi khud? kr? tere samn? t?beer h?, Tujhe w? j?h?n mile jidhar gh?mun ka n? guzar h?, Jidh?r r?$hn? h? khulo?s ki aur n?fr?t?n k? kh?br n? h?.. Aamin:-)

  67 .- Dil nikal jata
  **Palat K Daikha Tha Uss Nay Jis Tarha Say Mujhy**

**Main Agar Dil Pay Hath Na Rakhta Tu Dil Nikal Jata**

  68 .- funny
  Tujhe kiya batawon mere Humnashin teri yaad ne kiya sitam kiya?

Kabhi khalwaton mein rula diya, kabhi mehfilon mein hansa diya,,,

Kabhi yoon bhi hua teri yaad mein ke namaz meri qazah huee,,,

Teri arzoo ne kabhi mujhe mere paak rab se milla diya.............

  69 .- friend ship
  one day Love and friendship met. Love asked-when i already exist why are you here? friendship replied "to make faces smile when u leave the tears!!!" Friendship is the best thing in the world as there is no scope for tears if your friend is good

70 .- for u
  i asked god for a flower
he give me a garden
i asked for a tree
he give me a forest
i asked 4 a river
he give me ocean

i asked for a friend
he give me you

  71 .- miss call
  Apni Surat ka kabhi to didaar de, tarap raha hu ab aur na intzaar de
Apni awaaz nahi sunani to mat suna, Kam se kam 1 Missed call hee maar de .

  72 .- Stealing Day...!
  If 2day is world STEALING DAY wat wud U Steal frm me??? Reply is a must!!! Send dis 2 ur Frnds, u'll Get Surprising Answers....Ans me First!!! plz...

73 .- as soon as possible
my mobile had an accident
with Motorolla
admitted in
LG hospital, Sony avenue SAMSUNG Center
Dr. Nokia says
matter is serious
SMS Needed now
plz donate sms
as soon as possible


  74 .- NO COMPARISON&quot;
  some one asked me to describe you in two words. he expected me to answer the word &quot;The Best&quot;
but I didn't answer that.
I simply smiled and said &quot;NO COMPARISON&quot;

75 .- SMILE on my face
  I think u r very careless!
u cum n leave things behind
see now wot u hav left!
u just came in my mind n left a....
SMILE on my face

76 .- QAREEB

77 .- ZINDAGi
  Wo &quot;ZINDAGI&quot; he kaya jisme &quot;MOHABBAT&quot; nahi...wo MOHABBAT he kaya jisme &quot;YADAIN&quot; nahi...wo YADAIN he kaya jisme &quot;TUM&quot; nahi...wo TUM he kaya jisme &quot;HUM&quot; nahi

78 .- muskan
  aapki muskan hamari kamzori hai...
kuch keh na pana hamari majboori hai,,,
aap kyun nai samajte in assuon ko....
kya khamoshi ko zuban dena zaruri hai????

79 .- Pani
  Pani ka ek katra aankh se gira abhi abhi..
&gt;kya tum ne mujko yaad kiya abhi abhi..
&gt;tujh se mile zamana hua magar...
&gt;yun laga koi mujse mil k gaya abhi abhi..

80 .- jaadu ki japhi
  hey how are you?
put your right hand on your left shoulder


your left hand on your right shoulder



Yeh hai meri taraf se aik &quot;jaadu ki japhi

81 .- iqraar bhi kar sakta tha
  nafratain thi to woh izhaar bhi kar sakta tha

jab koi shakhs mujhe pyar bhi kar sakta tha

hosla he na dia zabt-e-muhabbat ne kabhi

warna ae dost main iqraar bhi kar sakta tha

  82 .- smile
  What's the difference between ur and my smile?
U smile when you are happy
I smile when you are happy.

  83 .- God Bless u!!
  If God answers your prayer,

he is increasing ur faith.

If he delays,

he is increasing ur patience.

If he doesn't answer,

he has sumthing better 4 u.

God Bless u!!

  84 .- God Bless u.
  Little faith says, &quot;God can do it&quot;.
Big faith says, &quot;God will do it&quot;.

But great faith says, &quot;It is done&quot;.

For nothing is impossible with God.

God Bless u.

   85 .- Ladkiya
  Ladkiya hame na pasand kare iska hame koi gam nahi?..
Ladkiya hame na pasand kare iska hame koi gam nahi?..
Badnasib hai woh ladkiya jinke nasib me hum nahi??????

  86 .- always right
  In life when you get troubles, don't get nervous...
Just close your eyes and follow ur heart... b'coz heart may be in left....
but it is always right

87 .- dastaan
  bahut dino se nahi apnay darmiyan woh shakhs

udaas kar kay hamain kahan chal dia woh shakhs

'Qateel' kaisay bhulaain hum ehl-e-dard ussay

dilon main chhor gaya apni dastaan woh shakh

  88 .- crunchy Julebi.
  U R Roti
I am Daal

U R Rice
I am Kabab

U R kerry
I am achar


we are not same but incomplete without each other!

take care my sweet crunchy Julebi.

  89 .- samandar
  samandar jitna syllabus hai

naddi jitna parhaya jata hai

balti bhar yaad rehta hai

mug bhar likh paat hain


boond jitnay marks aatay hain

90 .- Unsay roz
  Unsay roz milnay ko dil chahata ha khuch sunay sunanay ko dil chahata ha tha kisi ka mannay ka andaz asa kah pher sa ruth janay ko dil chahata ha

  91 .- 3 things!
  love 3 things! The sun, the moon and U! The sun for the day, the moon for the night and you forever!

92 .- Differnce
  1980 girl: Mama can i wear jeans?
Mama: na beta log kya kahain gay.

2006 girl: Mama can i wear mini skirt?
Mama: pehan meri bachi kuch to pehan...

93 .- books 4 free
  One best book
is equal to
hundred good friends...


One good friend
is equal to
a library..!
ok my library cum on send me my course books 4 free

  94 .- Lamha Lamha
  Lamha Lamha waqt guzar jayega...
Chund lamhon mein exam aa jayega...
Abhi bhi waqt hai, do line parh lo...
Warna pass kya MUNNA BHAI karvaye ga??

  95 .- Lets Plan For A Movie
  Lets Plan For A Movie 2day

R U Free?

If Yes..

Tum Apne Tv Pe Dekho,

Mein Apne Tv Pe Dekhunga

96 .- friends
  Always REMEMBER to 4GET those things that make u sad
But nvr FORGET to REMEMBER those things that make u glad. :)

  97 .- A thing of suspece
  A thing of suspece n beauty has joy 4ever
our life is what our thought make if
to ask 4 frenzship is 2 risk not being accept in return

98 .- heart beat
  heartbeat are countless
spirits are ageless
dreams are endless
memories are timeless
and friend like u are useless

99 .- Doctor's prescription
  Doctor's prescription 4 u. A cute little smile 4 breakfast. More laughs 4 lunch. Lots of happiness for dinner. Doctor's fee? An sms when u r free.

  100 .- cool
  For there is a certain someone who makes the grey sky blue, I'm glad to say that one is you.

  101 .- ABUT U

  102 .- SMILE
  Smile a while and while you smile, smile another smile and soon there will be miles and miles of smile just because you smiled, I wish your day is full of SMILE.

103 .- Free Sms
  Sallamz frndz..
ajj main app ki saath aik bohat achi Ufone ki tip shaer kerni jaa rahi hon...
umeed hai apko pasand ayi gye...
woh tip Free Voice Mail ki hai...
apko apna Voice mail number 1120 kerna hai..
phir jiss number per voic mail kerni hai usski surroh
main +92 lagana hai..

agar smaj main na aye then u can sms 0332-5997686
i cant use orkut so much..

2nd Tip

mere passs aik ase contry ka Code hai kii jiss ko agr
app apni Mobile ki Msg Center main laga den gye
to Ufone si appki SMS all over the world theek jayen gy
woh code hai.....??? uss code ki liye apko mujy sms kerna ho ga

as i cants share it here

its working on my mobile

main net kaam use kerti hon...

104 .- Make your life a house
  Make your life a house your heart can live in. With a door that is open to receive friends. And a garden full of memories ? of many good things.

105 .- love
  vele = lazy (vele is a Punjabi word)
&#8226; u r my sweet SONA, i don't want u KHONA, i want a place in yr heart's KONA, otherwise i'll start RONA, atleast gud morning to KAR LONA.......
&#8226; is duniya main 3 tarha ke log khushnaseeb hotye hai 1 jinhye sucha piyar milta hai 2 jinhye acha friend milta hai 3 jinhye mera sms bar bar milta hai

106 .- ONE WISH
  One Wish
A man was walking along the beach and found a bottle. When he opened it a genie appeared. The genie said, "For your kindness I will grant you one wish, but only one." The man thought for a minute and said, "I have always wanted to go to Hawaii but have never been able to because I'm afraid of flying and ships make me claustrophobic and ill.
So I wish for a road to be built from here to Hawaii." The genie thought for a few minutes and said, "No, I don't think I can do that. Just think of all the pavement that would be needed, the ecology that would be disturbed.

  107 .- shakespeare
  One blode to another............ Have you ever read shakespeare? No ,who wrote it ?

108 .- saaans
  saaans tak b nahi lety tumhy sooochty waqt,
hum ny es kaaam ko b kal pe utta rakha hy,
rooothy hooo tu kuch aur hanseen lagy hooo,
hum ny ye soooch k hi tum ko khafa rakha hy.

  109 .- I LOVE ..............
  U may meEt ppL beTta deN me,
fuNnieR deN mE,
moRe loVely deN me,
buT thiNg i caN saY to U,
i wiLL alwAys be heRe wheN deY aLL leAve u..

110 .- today
  today tommorow n forever there vll b 1 heart that beats 4 u,u know whose
ur own stupid.
ur own stupid.