Homepage of SMSoIP (english version)

SMSoIP is an Android app, where you can send text messages by your favourite provider. Its one of my spare time projects and is currently in heavy development. Its designed as a plugin architecture, so its easy to implement additional providers.


You can find this app in Google Play Store or at AndroidPit. Here you can also find the plugins for sending text messages.
If you want to suggest improvements, report issues, feature requests or new providers please use the project page.

SMSoIP is (hopefully) quite easy to use, but here are some additional usage informations:

First of all install SMSoIP and an additional plugin (provider), only one of them is useless.
First of all i want to explain the main functions:

main menu

On the top of the screen you can see the provider currently used
  1. Fast switch the provider (only visible if more than one are available)
  2. Fast switch the account of selected provider (only available if more than one account available)
  3. Input box for name or number (will be autocompleted on input, partial names/numbers allowed)
  4. A picker for showing you selected receivers in detail with name, number and photo 
  5. Add a contact by contact picker (you can also use search button)
  6. The message to send
  7. Switch between compact and normal mode (compact mode for smaller devices)
  8. Shrink the text. This will delete all spaces and will make the first character uppercase (e.g. "my house is nice" will become to "myHouseIsNice")
  9. Shows some smileys for inserting in the message


  10. Shows the last message and if receiver(s) is/are selected the last conversations
    You can add the sender of the last message to your receiver list directly by clicking it

    last message

  11. Insert signature (sig can be changed in options)
  12. Delete the inputs (numbers and message)
  13. Refresh provider informations (e.g. your free messages)
  14. show the last success/error message again
  15. Choose type for sending (not available on some providers)
  16. Send your message

With the menu button you will have some additional options:


  1. Change the options for the current provider
  2. Change the program (global) options
  3. Quit the application
Normally you have to visit first the provider options:

provider settings

The look of this screen depends on the provider, but most of them will have account managing. Here you can add,edit and check your credentials.

account management

At the program options screen, you can change settings for all providers:

program settings

All options are well explained. Please check the default international area code, if you are outside Germany This will prepend to every number, if needed.

After a message is sent successfull the message goes to your internal message storage, so you have your sent messages at the same place where your "normal" messages are stored.  The enable ouput of provider option is for indicating messages that are sent by SMSoIP. Here is a screenshot of a message sent with enabled and with disabled option:

text database

You can see the indicating String at the beginning of the first message. This string just seperates "normal" messages from SMSoIP messages, this will not be transmitted.

If you have send your message you get a response of the app if the sending was successful or not:


Warning: These messages are responses from the server. SMSoIP can't technically see if the message was delivered correctly. These are the same responses you get when you send your messages by the homepage of your provider. There you can't be sure either ;)

A nice feature of SMSoIP is to set the app as default handler for messages. So you can directly respond incoming messages. For activating this in your phone, do the following steps:

  1. Go to your contacts and press long on the contact. Then you can see this dialog:

    handler 1

    Pick "message"
  2. After that you can see SMSoIP in the next dialog. Press the default checkbox and then SMSoIP and you will be done:

    handler 2

    Now it automatically starts SMSoIP at the next long press on your contact with the number of the picked contact.

If you want to translate SMSoIP in your language or add a provider, please visit the project page for further informations.
Donate to support future developments (e.g. support non-free providers)