Are you a Java ME developer? Do you want to put all of your creativity on things that really matter to you and avoid common but necessary low level tasks? Then you are in the right place; here you will find a set of libraries that will help you develop faster and considerably more easily.

  • DBLib is a database library that allows you to fully manage small databases on a mobile phone's memory using RMS. All you have to do is to create two classes, the class of objects that you want to store and another one that knows how to serialize it (convert it to an array of bytes and vice versa). You can leave all the rest to the library. It supports databases with multiple records and databases that make sure that only one record is maintained (e.g. for application settings). You also have the ability to extend the library's classes to implement database constraints just like SMSCrypt does. Finally, there is a base class that you can extend and implement different kinds of databases, other than RMS.
  • MessagingLib is a library that allows you to send and receive binary messages using the SMS protocol. Binary messages can be anything, from text to arbitrary data and it is up to your application on how it will use it. You cannot extend this library but it has everything you need for sending and receiving messages.
In order to start developing, you only need the libraries. But if you want the source code, it is also available. Once you buy, you will receive the resources via email, so make sure you provide a valid email address during purchase.

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