Graduate School of Theology

History and Mission

Seminario Mayor de San Carlos has existed since the nineteenth century as an institution of higher learning, offering courses in Philosophy and Theology. Although the primary recipients of this work have been priests and members of the clergy, nevertheless numerous lay people have been educated here when the institution was known as Seminario-Colegio de San Carlos.

In keeping with the move towards professionalization of the clergy, as well as in line with the Church’s thrust of educating the lay people in theological matters, the Seminario Mayor de San Carlos now offers programs in theological education that would enhance further its position as a pre-eminent center for theology in the Central Visayas region.

Goals of the Program

The Seminario Mayor de San Carlos has a Graduate School Program that offers the degrees of Master of Arts in Theology (M.A.T.) and Master of Arts in Pastoral Ministry (M.A.P.M.).

These programs aspire to, in general, promote the spiritual, moral and intellectual formation of its students. This is achieved by providing them with a basic integrated knowledge of biblical revelation and Christian doctrine, considered in the context of contemporary problems and issues, in a manner relevant to the local culture.

The programs are also geared to enable the students to acquire the skills necessary to carry out the Church’s pastoral task within the context of culture and human society, such as: the work of evangelization, the nurturance and empowerment of believers, and the communication of the truth of Sacred Scriptures in its educational, prophetic and missionary dimensions.
Academic Curriculum
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M.A.T. Graduates  
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M.A.P.M. Graduates  
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