Formation Program

The Goals of the Program 

As an archdiocesan major seminary tasked to form presbyters for service in the Philippine Church, we are guided by the objectives set by the updated Philippine Program for Priestly Formation (PPPF) prescribed by the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) in 2006. 

The seminary community aims at:
"Forming men of virtue,  of human excellence and goodness of character, founded on psycho-emotional integration, and modeled on Christ's humanity"


Spiritual Formation
"Forming men whose lives find their center in personal and transformative communion with God in Christ, and who seek to unite themselves with God's saving will in all aspects of their lives, especially through participation in the mission of Christ as ordained minister"
  Intellectual Formation
"Forming men with deep understanding of the mysteries of the faith, a capacity for ongoing theological reflection, and pastoral skills and competence, in the context of church and society in the Philippines and Asia, for the sake of the mission of evangelization"
  Pastoral Formation
"Forming men with deep commitment to and sufficient competence for pastoral leadership and service, especially of the poor and suffering, in union with Christ the Good Shepherd and the shepherds of the Church, towards building up of the local church in communion and mission"

  Community Life
The matrix that integrates the human, spiritual, intellectual and pastoral formation
  Daily Schedule
The day to day rhythm of life in the community of future priests
  Stages of Formation
The dynamics of continuity leading to ordination for ecclesial leadership and service