Application & Admission

General Policies

The seminary adheres to the principles set by the Second Vatican Council in the screening of future priests (cf.OT 6) and therefore prescribes the following policies governing applications and admissions.

Applicants who have graduated from a college seminary formation program may be admitted to our seminary upon the recommendation by his Bishop and the College Seminary Rector.

Priority is given to those graduates who belong to the dioceses of the ecclesiastical province of Cebu namely, Cebu, Dumaguete, Maasin, Tagbilaran and Talibon. Applicants from other dioceses may apply with the explicit permission from the Archbishop of Cebu and as recommended by the local ordinary of his diocese of origin.

In order to gain admission, the applicant has to take the entrance examinations and interview, usually held in the month of November prior to the year he plans to start. The examinations and interviews are meant to determine the family of origin, personality profile, level of maturity and other relevant information about the applicant. The data are processed vis-à-vis the readiness and motivation of the applicant to take on the demands of the last phase of preparations for priestly life and ministry.

Certain requirements are expected for admission, most importantly, the applicant’s evaluation and recommendation by the Fr. Rector of his seminary of origin. It is the policy of our seminary to give more weight to it in assessing the applicant’s suitability for admission to theology formation. Other requirements include transcript of academic records up to the most recent semester he attended, his baptismal and confirmation certificates, his parents’ marriage certificate and medical certificate of good health.

The results shall be communicated by the Fr. Rector to the College Seminary Rectors of the applicants around the middle of March. The screening committee is composed of members of the Formation Team chosen by the Fr. Rector who acts as head. The said committee may however be headed by a member of the Formation Team to whom the Rector delegates the task. The tools and procedures for exams and interview may be improved by the Formation Team depending on the needs of the times and as required by the standards and criteria set by the Church magisterium.

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