BIGDATA: Collaborative Research: IA: Big Data Analytics for Optimized Planning of Smart, Sustainable, and Connected Communities

Award Numbers: 1633363 1802017

Project Summary: 
The goal of this project is to transform villages, towns, and cities into smart, connected, and sustainable communities by developing the first big data-driven holistic approach to joint planning, optimization, and deployment of community infrastructure for systems of critical importance, such as communication, energy, and transportation systems. By bringing together interdisciplinary domain experts from data science, electrical engineering, and civil and architectural engineering, this research will yield several innovations that range from novel big data techniques for faithfully creating spatio-temporal models for smart communities to data-driven performance metrics to explicitly quantify the health of smart communities  and advanced analytical tools  to devise the most effective strategies for deploying, upgrading, and operating various community infrastructure nodes, given the scale, dynamics, and structure of both the data and the community.