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Impact Tracker

These are the recycle rates composed by the California Govt. for the year of 2009. As soon as the 2010 rates are collected we will post them. It's great to notice an upward rise in nearly every category of recyclables over the past nine years, but that doesn't mean we should stop or give less effort! An innovative idea we have at S.M.R.A.A is to count every CRV bottle and can we collect and compose data from the start of the organization to see if we can individually rise these rates until we reach a state that has recycling %100 rate, the first in the country. Sure its a challenge, but its also always a constant goal to work towards, and we will be leaders on the forefront doing the job. We believe if you track the progress and therefor make it noticeable, you give inventive and reason for everybody else to do the same.

"Of the 20.9 billion CRV beverage containers sold, 17.2 billion CRV beverage containers were returned in

2009." - Quoted from the Calendar Year 2009 Report of  Beverage Container Sales, Returns, Redemption, & Recycling Rates

Thats 3.7 billion still out there not where they belong!

Starting March 2011 we will collect weekly data and post end of month/year results and compile our own yearly reports. Check back later and look below for the document that tracks our impact in the area. We especially want to focus on the lacking area of #3-#7 plastics and rising the aluminum recycle rate to 100 percent. Finding an efficient solution to collect and re use bimetals would be awesome too. If recycling centers wont accept certain plastics, we will have to still account for them in our impact tracker while at the same time finding a solution to process them and re use them ourselves. We are not taking no for an answer, anything that CAN be re used, WILL be. With our innovative Impact Tracker feature, we collect data that basically summarizes how we are doing as a Non - Profit and a way to set goals and maintain steady levels of commitment, all while tracking progress, and publishing these statistics to the community to give them increased insight to how were helping.