Land & Water

Through related reading selections in the unit, students learn about glaciers, some innovative ways used to collect water in dry regions, an experimental flood designed to restore some natural features along the Colorado River, and a classic example of architecture in harmony with landscape-Fallingwater, a home designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.
 A special feature of the unit is a series of photo cards of natural  scenes that illustrate concepts the students are learning through their  work with model landscapes  

 The major activities in the unit include:
  • Modeling the water cycle and producing "rain".
  • Analyzing soil components and investigating their interactions with water.
  • Running water through a stream table to observe changes in land.
  • Varying slope, water flow, and land formations in stream tables and observing the results.
  • Collecting runoff and comparing samples from different stream table configurations.
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Since there are so many lessons in this kit, it is helpful to have an overview of the "flow"  This document has the lesson titles with the key lessons marked with an *. 
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