A Living Tradition (Architecture of The Bahamas)

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Please join us.

Mr. Steve Mouzon, architect and author, will be giving a lecture and conducting a book signing of the New Edition of his book, "A Living Tradition (Architecture of The Bahamas)".

It will be held on Thursday, April 12th, 2018 at 4PM at the Harry C. Moore Library Auditorium. 

BSET Students to Present their Senior Design Projects

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Please come and support BSET Elect. Eng. Tech. students who will be presenting their senior design projects on Friday 13th April, 2017 in T-19  at noon. 

The presentations are as follows:

Bijan Stubbs, Daenell Thurstan and Donathan Whylly, "Design, Simulation and Implementation of Novel Fractional High-pass Filters with Grounded Fractional Capacitor."

Miguel McDonald and Gabriel Lewis, " Design. Simulation and Implementation of a Fractional Inductor with a Single Inverting Amplifier."

Updates from Dr. Amin Kabir’s “Optical atmospheric research group”

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Grants received

·         Dr. Kabir has been awarded a University Research Grant Scheme (URGS) grant [2017-2018] of $2660 for his proposal on “Monitoring aerosol profiles in the atmosphere of The Bahamas using portable optical remote sensing”

·         Dr. Kabir has also been awarded a University Research Grant Scheme (URGS) grant [2017-2018] of $2100 for Student Assistantship for the above mentioned project


Presentations by student research assistants

·         Najee Stubbs, an Engineering student of UB, presented a poster in NSBE 2018 convention held in Pittsburg. He scored 86/90 in his presentation. The title of the poster is “Aerosol mapping and detection of pollution in The Bahamas using a camera based Laser Radar

·         Edward Knowles, an Engineering student of UB, gave an Oral presentation in UB Student Research Symposium in March 23 in the Library Auditorium.


Presentation by Dr. Kabir

Dr. Kabir is scheduled to present in “Defense + Security and Commercial Sensing Conference” organized by SPIE (International Society for Optics and Photonics) in April 18, 2018 in Orlando, USA. The title of his talk is “Using a bistatic camera lidar to profile aerosol influenced by a local source of pollution”.


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SMPT Profs Publish Paper with SMPT Students

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Congratulations to Physics Prof. Amin Kabir and former Phys. Prof. Nathan Dawson who just published a paper with Engineering Physics students Najee Stubbs and Mauricio Bridgewater. The paper can be downloaded from here.

Creative Writing Journal Publishing Poems of SMPT Assistant Professor

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Congratulations to our Chair, Mr. Philip Armbrister.

Taken from Clarion 5th Dec. 2017.

Presentations by Architectural Design Studio Students

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Presentation by URCA in Conjunction with SMPT

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Pre-print paper by UB team

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Congratulations to former UB Physics prof Dr. Nathan Dawson, present UB Physics student Onassis Nottage and present Mathematics prof Dr. Moussa Kounta who just published a pre-print, entitled, 

[PDF] "The second hyperpolarizability of systems described by the space-fractional Schrodinger equation" .

Pavilion Designed by University of The Bahamas Students Becomes Benchmark at Expo 2020 Dubai IPM in the UAE

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Please see the press release in the attached pdf file. Many thanks to Prof. Valaria Pintard-Flax for this info.

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