Welcome from the Head of Department

I would like to personally welcome you to the Department of Technology.  At University of The Bahamas, we have well trained faculty members who will provide you with superior instruction in the field of technology.  These are professionals who will impart their experience with each student as each student develops into an expert in his/her chosen area of study.  Once each student selects an area of study, which includes Electrical, Mechanical and Civil Engineering Technology, as well as Architecture and the first two years of a Bachelor Degree programme in Engineering, he or she has the opportunity to influence the world.  While the department is growing and continues to change, we believe that technology has been at the forefront of every industry, and influences everyday life. 

Technology is the means by which ordinary life becomes extraordinary.  We all need technology to create a world of access, a world of information sharing, a world of transformations, a world of building simple or complex objects, a world of speed, and a world of maximizing energy.   Technology is essentially built on the idea that life becomes easier if there is a way to amplify the simple into the integrated, the low power into the high power, the small signal into the large signal, etc.  This is useful as long as there is a control mechanism from which the user feels empowered.   In truth, where would the world be without technology?  How does a television evolve from a bulky cathode ray tube to newer models using thin and light liquid crystals or digital light processing?  Even the simple act of boiling hot tea in the morning from a stove can be done in an electronic kettle controlled by a micro-controller device.  Arduous, and many times, repetitive tasks are accomplished using machinery programmed to meet a specific specification. 

Here in the Bahamas, being a developing country, offers many opportunities for technological innovations and creations.  The Bahamas is lucky in terms of its fiscal budgets which afford it the luxury of purchasing current technologies and adapting architectural innovations. Imagine if the new technologies Bahamians purchased were built in the Bahamas, tested in the Bahamas, bought in the Bahamas, and packaged for the world.  That could only come from a strong technical programme, along with research and innovation. 

Here at University of The Bahamas, the Technology department aims to foster the environment of learning and research through a concerted effort of teaching and lab exercises.   Students are expected to complete a list of course work, lab exercises, a senior design exit course and become actively engaged in various organizations. Senior design has afforded many students the opportunity for research into areas they may not experience in the classroom, and the ability to implement their own designs.   With the experience provided to each student, the Department of Technology strives for excellence in providing the best in knowledge about the core areas of engineering, architecture and technology, and our faculty members are dedicated to meeting the needs of each individual student. 

We look forward to meeting you; so, please visit with us. 

Wallace Turner, M.Sc. Electrical Engineering, PhD. Fine Arts (Music),
Assistant Professor and Head of the Department of Technology