Welcome from the Head of Department

Mathematics is recognized as ‘the language of science’ in that there is hardly any field of science which has not been profoundly affected by it. Hence, the Department of Mathematics provides a supportive environment for all university students and seeks to educate the student as a whole by encouraging deep thinking and (mathematical) reasoning inherent in the exploration of quantitative analysis.

Students majoring in mathematics receive rigorous training that allows them to pursue the study of scientific and technological problems by mathematical methods, and learn to communicate mathematics effectively to both those within and outside their discipline.

Building on our great history as a teaching college, the department over the years has invested heavily in our teaching program. One recent highlight is the reintroduction of the Math Lab to provide additional tutorial support and an environment (in addition to the classroom setting) that fosters mathematical discussions and decision making which characterizes this scientific and technological age. Apart from mathematical pedagogy which constitutes an important component of the academic program of the department, attention has been devoted to the pursuit of research in which faculty members have been making useful contributions. In addition, faculty members are active in delivering talks at various national, international and regional conferences. Moreover, the department is now actively seeking to host conferences and workshops in the various disciplines of mathematics and statistics.

The future for the department is certainly bright. The Math club which is full of energized mathematics, science and technology majors has made a great impact at the university and is touching the lives of many high school students through mentoring and tutoring programs. Mathematical undergraduate research over the past year has driven and is changing the look of the department. This new development is conveying a thrill, excitement and love for mathematics not only in students majoring in Mathematics but those in other disciplines and is introducing them to the exciting opportunities that are available in pursuing a career in mathematical research.

As part of its vision, the department shall continue to strive to foster excellence in teaching and in research (development in mathematical science through its research, interdisciplinary research) and its overall academic interaction.

Zendal Forbes, M.Sc.,
Assistant Professor and Head of the Mathematics Department