About the School


The world around us is constantly being shaped by innovations in technology and scien­tific discovery. The School of Mathematics, Physics & Technology (SMPT) forms part of the Faculty of Pure & Applied Sciences. It brings together related disciplines that provide the most powerful tools for analysis and problem-solving known to mankind, providing the basis for a fundamental understanding and development of the modern world. It produces critical thinkers with the technical skills to analyze complex data, the imagination to apply mathematics to solve practical problems, and the confidence to dare to re-invent the future. Students are therefore exposed to a range of study options that promote scientific and technological understanding, creativity and innovation. SMPT programmes encourage stu­dents to understand how the universe works from the smallest particle to the largest galaxy, improve on old inventions and create a new age of discovery.


SMPT has a diverse programme offering that allows students to study for Associate of Science and Bachelor of Science degrees. Technology and Electrical certificate programmes are also available. Programmes include:


• Engineering Technology: Electrical Engineering Technology

• Mathematics

• Physics with Mathematics


• Architecture

• Civil Engineering Technology

• Engineering

• Engineering Physics

• Mechanical Engineering Technology


• Pre-Technology


All degree programmes have a general education component comprising nine areas: literacy, numeracy, foreign language, humanities, social science, natural science, health and nutrition, computer literacy and student development. While courses in your major would provide you with disciplinary, technical and procedural knowledge, the General Education Programme is designed to graduate students who demonstrate critical, reflective and creative thought and who are able to convey those thoughts articulately and confidently in written and oral form. For more information, please see here.


At the University of The Bahamas, we are committed to academic freedom, academic integrity and high standards of ethics, research and teaching. We are committed to the education of the ‘whole’ person, and have cultivated a vibrant campus life environment that promotes learning, leadership and service; and which allows us to encourage the values of innovation and creativity. Our programmes are responsive to national needs and in many ways, reflect our national culture and identity.

University of The Bahamas students have the option of choosing not only from the broad range of academic courses and programmes that we offer, but also from a number of clubs, organizations and activities that allow them to enhance their University experience in a variety of ways. There is something for everyone from clubs and groups that focus on academic and professional disciplines, to athletics, arts and culture, community service, spiritual enrichment, and leadership.

There are also opportunities to study abroad and still gain credits at home. We have an exciting student exchange and study abroad programme. University of The Bahamas students have studied at institutions in both English and non-English speaking countries as far away as Europe and closer to home in our Latin-American and Caribbean region, the United States and Canada; and the programme is expanding to new places with new opportunities every day.


An undergraduate degree in any of the SMPT’s programmes of study will provide students with a sound foundation for a wide range of careers. SMPT graduates would have the option of entering the job market directly, entering professional certification programmes or continuing with graduate studies in a variety of related fields and disciplines. SMPT graduates may be found in fields of architecture, engineering, engineering technology, telecommunications, information technology and a host of other fields and vocations.

Acknowledgement: The contents of this page have been taken directly from the School's brochure.