The objectives of the Society as stated in the Society Constitution are:

· To foster a closer working relationship among those working in the various fields of medical physics

· To create public awareness of the medical physics profession in Singapore and to project and maintain the image of medical physics professionals

· To represent and promote the interest and views of members in the local medical physics profession in international organizations

· To promote research, training and education in medical physics.

Membership is open to professionals primarily engaged in the application of physics in medicine, biology, radiation protection and other related areas. Educational qualification of members should be at least a basic degree in physical or biological or engineering.

The Society has been a member of International Organisation for Medical Physics (IOMP) since 2000. The Society is affiliated to the South East Asian Federation of Medical Physics (SEAFOMP) and Asia-Oceania Federation of Organisations for Medical Physics (AFOMP) and is also one of its founding members.