21st Youth Science Conference (YSC) will be held at University Town, National University of Singapore instead of LT27. More information on Poster Judging & Plenary and YSC will be posted here on 31Aug.

New SMP Site

posted 22 Dec 2015, 02:16 by Science Mentorship Programmes   [ updated 23 Dec 2015, 14:51 ]

Please use the new SMP site at from now on. All information from this site will be migrated to the new site over the coming weeks. In the meantime, this site will remain as a repository until the information is fully migrated.

Online Registration for SMP 2016

posted 20 Oct 2015, 02:23 by Science Mentorship Programmes   [ updated 18 Nov 2015, 01:43 ]

  1. Students who have been shortlisted by their schools for the SMP 2016 and have submitted their hardcopy application forms to their teacher-coordinators, please register online at The registration window is between 28 September 2015 to 2 October 2015Please register before 23 Oct, if you have not already done so.

  2. At least 1 applicant from each SMP team should sign up for notification of announcements at this SMP site.
  3. Do watch out for this space from end December 2015 for further announcements on the procedures for project proposals and project matching!

Directions to Stephen Riady Centre (NUS UTown)

posted 15 Sep 2015, 03:50 by Science Mentorship Programmes   [ updated 15 Sep 2015, 03:50 ]

Here are the directions to Stephen Riady Centre (NUS UTown).

Briefing Slides for Students

posted 14 Sep 2015, 18:30 by Science Mentorship Programmes   [ updated 14 Sep 2015, 18:33 ]

Dear students,

Here are the briefing slides for your reference.

SMP Poster Judging Results

posted 14 Sep 2015, 00:35 by Science Mentorship Programmes   [ updated 14 Sep 2015, 18:33 ]

Dear SMP participants

Please find attached the results of 2015 SMP Poster Judging.

Teams receiving the 3M Young Scientist, 3M Best Poster and/or Distinction award will receive them on stage during Youth Science Conference. Please report in full school uniform with tie, outside UTown Auditorium 2 by 7.50 am.

Results of SMP Projects Shortlisted for Presentation at the Plenary

posted 1 Sep 2015, 02:27 by Science Mentorship Programmes   [ updated 14 Sep 2015, 18:33 ]

Dear all SMP teams

Please find attached the list of SMP projects shortlisted for presentation at the Plenary. If your project code is not reflected in the list, you will still need to come for the Plenary, but you will not be presenting.

Teams which are presenting, please note down the Panel Code of your project, which indicates project CategoryFor example, project with Panel Code A1_01 falls under Category A1, while project with Panel Code F03 falls under Category FYou will need your Panel Code for registration during the Plenary.

You will be presenting in a standard classroom to a panel of 2 - 4 judges and fellow students whose projects share the same Category as you. Please bring along your own laptop, power cable and adapter. There is no need to bring along your poster.

Please report to Catholic High School (Secondary) School Hall at 8.00 am on 8th September. If you need instructions on where to drop off, please download the second attachment for reference.

Thank you and see you at the Plenary.

2015 SMP Briefing for Participants (10 Jul)

posted 9 Jul 2015, 01:35 by Science Mentorship Programmes   [ updated 15 Jul 2015, 19:52 ]

The slides for the briefing for SMP participants held on 10th July at Science Centre can be downloaded here.

Details about the Poster Judging (8th September) at Catholic High School and 21st Youth Science Conference (19th September) at NUS can be found on these slides.

The Guidelines for Poster are found here.

2015 SMP Nominations for Outstanding Mentors

posted 9 Jul 2015, 01:30 by Science Mentorship Programmes   [ updated 14 Sep 2015, 18:32 ]

Nominate your mentor/teacher!
11 to 20 July

SMP 2015 Project Matching - Results of Phase 3

posted 15 Feb 2015, 20:52 by Science Mentorship Programmes   [ updated 9 Jul 2015, 01:31 ]

The results of Phase 3 are here!

The SMP Committee would like to request that teams who have been matched to kindly initiate and establish contact with their mentors.

The project matching process is now complete. There will be no further phases.

SMP 2015 - Project Matching (Phase 3)

posted 1 Feb 2015, 18:07 by Science Mentorship Programmes   [ updated 15 Feb 2015, 20:53 ]

Phase 3 is now open for SMP teams to choose projects from this page

SMP teams, please submit your 2 choices using this form. The deadline is Friday, 6th February 2015.

Please refer to this page for the overview of the matching process.

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