Bridal Party




Maid of Honor - Denise, my beloved sister

Bridesmaids - Crystal, Ariana, Sabrina, Tonesha, Aneesah



This is the final decision dress. The color will be black.



(from Priscilla of Boston, the Vineyard collection)


Here are the bracelets I'm interested in for gifts:


Here are the earrings I made to match the bracelets:


 Here is the flower girl dress. I got it on sale at JC Penney!



FI can't pick just one Best Man, so they are all nominated, I am curious about the toast

Best Men - Ira, Stuart, Nick, Jamias, Kris, Steve,

 Here is Anwar's suit! We found it at Macy's for a great deal!

Anwar is dead set on Chuck Taylors... Well... here are a few looks I can live with

(photo from offbeatbride)



A few photos of our wedding party


Waaaiit...How did Katematch get in there???!?!