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Anwar  &  Stephanie  




September 5, 2009.

My goodness it doesn't feel so far away.  But here we are winding down.  We are a perfect blend of personailities, I am outgoing, he is more reserved.  I love to talk, he is the strong silent type.

We have 6 bridesmaids and 6 groomsmen coming in from all over the country.  A considerable amount of our guests are from out of town, coming in from California, Hawaii, Wisonsin, South Dakota, Florida, and Georgia. 

Our colors are Onyx, Eggplant, and Ivory, with charcoal and green accents.  We are holding our ceremony and reception at the Mill City Museum, located in downtown Minneapolis.  The venue, like us, is a unique blend of old school charm, and modern feels. 

Thanks for checking us out!