Backyard Birdseed Delivery Service


Price List and Services 

Bird Seed                                     Size                    Price

Black Oil Sunflower Seed         5 lb                          2.50

                                                                      10 lb                        5.00

                                                                      20 lb                        8.50

                                                                      25 lb                       10.00


*Cracked Corn                                    5 lb                          1.60

                                                                      10 lb                         3.00

                                                                      20 lb                         7.00


*Smorgasbird Blend                        5 lb                         7.00

Top Notch Blend with Orange                          10 lb                        12.50

Oil, Peanuts, Sesame Seeds,                             20 lb                        23.00

Sunflower Hearts & More...



 Nyjer Seed                                              5 lb                          7.00

For Goldfinch & all Finch                                10 lb                        13.00

                                                                      20 lb                        24.00


*Peanut Pickouts                                5 lb                         7.00

Shelled with skin on                                         10 lb                       13.25

                                                                       20 lb                       24.50


*Sunflower Hearts                            5 lb                         7.50

Shelled sunflower seeds                                  10 lb                       14.00

(No waste)                                                      20 lb                       26.00


'Cheep Cheep' Blend                       10 lb                        4.50

                                20 lb                        8.00

                                50 lb                        20.00


*These varieties have little mess and almost no waste.

Peanuts in the Shell                          5 lb                     8.50

A Blue Jay Favorite                                         10 lb                        16.50

Squirrels, too!                                                 20 lb                       31.50


Diversion’                                     10 lb                       5.00

Ground blend to keep those critters occupied...


Ear Corn                                            6 ears                       1.00

                                                               10 ears                       1.50


Homemade Suet Specialty Products 

Suet Plugs                                       6 Plugs                        4.75

For Woodpecker Feeders                        10 Plugs                       7.50

                                                               20 Plugs                     14.00 

Peanut Butter Suet Muffins     1 8oz Muffin    for     2.00(Gift Bagged on a glass dish)

Peanut Butter and Walnut Suet Brownies    6   for   2.00                                               (Gift Bagged on a glass dish)


 I will also mix custom birdseed, fresh and blended to your specifications!


Feeder Filling Service

With initial seed purchase from Smorgasbird, I will fill your feeders upon delivery if you wish. Feeders must be easily accessible and no climbing or ladders, please.

For additional fills, up to 4 average feeders, the charge is $5.00 as often as you’d like. For over 4 feeders, the charge is $1.00 for each additional feeder.



If you have trouble lifting, I will happily package your seed in easier-to-lift 5 lb bags. Just let me know!

Also, with the purchase 20 lbs or more of the same seed or blend, receive a free container!

10% Discount

to Seniors, Veterans, or Families Affected by War.


My Commitment to you...

Is to provide a service of convenience for those who find enjoyment in feeding the birds, to offer the best customer service possible and to offer prices that are a fair reflection of the service provided.

There are more services coming including feeders and hummingbird and bluebird food. Thank you for feeding the birds and helping my daughter & I!

~Deborah A. Baker

(585) 248-6009