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Creating Workshops and Retreats Together

I love to work with groups and communities to develop workshops and retreats to meet your particular spiritual needs. No group is too small.  I don't know yet if any group is too large. 

Existing Workshops and Retreats

Here is a list of some of the specific workshops I've developed over the years.  Each can be tailored for a specific group or event, or presented as-is.

  • Ritual and magic 
  • Handwork in the Light: an Evening of Healing Handwork
  • Handwork, Ministry, and Magic 
  • Pagan Quakers/Quaker Pagans (for Pagan Quakers and Quaker Pagans)
  • Courageously Explicit (community-building among Friends (Quakers) who experience the Divine an an explicit way)  
  • Working with Dying and Death: a Day of Comfort and Healing 


New Workshops/Retreats

I'm excited to announce these two new workshops/retreats: 

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Workshops & Retreats

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