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June 5th, 2009

Upcoming events page updated!  

I've just added several Full Moon Meetings for Worship, a Summer Solstice Party, and some other events. 


May 8th, 2009


Migration to GoogleSites

Sometime in May or June, this site will migrate from GooglePages to GoogleSites.   There should not be any interruption in service, and GoogleSites tells me there will be a redirect on this page as soon as it's been migrated.


Full Moon Meetings for Worship

My last month has been crazy-busy, a condition I mostly strive to avoid these days but that nonetheless occasionally occurs.  

I did not host Full Moon Meeting for Worship in April because of Passover, which takes place at the same time.  I thought I'd have my act together in time to schedule for May's Full Moon, but the end of the semester at Cherry Hill and several family emergencies meant that I did not get my act together before the Full Moon, which is today.  (Everyone is fine now, including the cats.)

I thought about scheduling for the Dark of the Moon, but that's right in the middle of the Northwest Folk Life Festival.  

So, the next Full Moon Meeting for Worship will be on Monday evening, June 8th.  Please see the Upcoming Events page for details. 


Sabbat Celebrations

Although I did not host a Roses, Too! Tradition Beltane Celebration, I had a lovely Beltane/May Day weekend, complete with dancing, hikes in the woods and on Puget Sound, a special dinner with my beloved, and a day with the Radical Faeries and the Goddess Ravenna Ravine.  Hurrah!  I hope to have a blog post soon about Beltane; look for it over at Musings of a Quaker Witch.

Summer Solstice itself is on Sunday, June 21st.  I am going to be traveling in the ministry right about then, so I'm not sure yet when the Roses, Too! Tradition Summer Solstice / Litha Celebration will be -- stay tuned.



I have about five or six blog posts in my head waiting for me to get them written and posted at Musings of a Quaker Witch.  Several of these are going to be adaptations of papers I wrote for my Ritual Theory class last semester at Cherry Hill.  One is about the death anniversary of a young F/friend nine years ago, the first of two deaths that marked the outward beginning of my ministry around dying and death.  One is about Beltane.  So much to write, so little time...! 


Traveling in the ministry

Beloved Wife and I are heading East at the end of June, for Friends General Conference Summer Gathering in Blacksburg, VA, and to go apartment-hunting in the Delaware Valley. I expect to spend a good chunk of the next seven (gulp!) weeks doing prep for the Healing Center, FLGBTQC, and the workshop I'm leading. 

I'm going to be in Portland, OR, for a week at the end of July for the Unitarian Universalist Musicians' Network Conference, with my co-author Julie Forest Middleton and Emerald Earth Publishing.  I hope to see some of my UU musican friends there!


Moving at the end of the summer

Sometime in late August or early September, we'll be moving across the country, to the Delaware Valley.  I hope to host both Lammas and Full Moon here in Seattle in August, and perhaps a going-away party, before we do.  Once we get our feet under us after the move, I expect to start hosting Roses, Too! Tradition events again with Fall Equinox/Mabon, and hopefully Moon Phase Meetings for Worship as well. 

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