about Stasa's ministry

bread and roses spiritual nurture ~ Stasa Morgan-Appel

Please note that this site is new, experimental, and a work in progress.

What kinds of ministry am I involved with?

My primary ministry is spiritual nurture -- helping people nurture their connection with the That-Which-Is-Sacred I work one-on-one with individuals, and with groups of different sizes.  

There are a number of specific kinds of ministry which fall under the umbrella of spiritual nurture for me: 

  • music
  • spiritual care
  • healing
  • ritual and magic
  • handwork
  • building community - helping people nurture our connections with That-Which-Is-Sacred inherent in each other
  • teaching
  • dance
  • humanitarian work


Services I offer:

    • Meeting one-on-one to talk about your spiritual life and spiritual journey
    • Specific workshops and retreats:
  • Singing the Goddess
  • Winter Solstice Celebration/Winter Solstice Singing Ritual 
  • Ritual and magic
  • Handwork in the Light: an Evening of Healing Handwork
  • Handwork, Ministry, and Magic
  • for Pagan Quakers/Quaker Pagans
  • Explicit Friends (community-building among Quakers who experience the Divine an an explicit way)
  • The Goddess Is Alive and Magic Is Afoot 
  • Working with Dying and Death: a Day of Comfort and Healing 
Click here for more information about specific workshops and retreats. 
    • Magic and ritual:
  • Teaching magic
  • Facilitating ritual
  • Helping you craft ways to mark life's transitions, including births, deaths, engagements/ handfastings/ weddings, relationship endings, cronings, and more  

I am available to come to your community to facilitate a workshop, retreat, or other event.   Most workshops can be tailored in length to the needs of your event or group.  I can also develop a workshop for the needs of your particular group or event.  

My ministry is interfaith.   

I particularly work with folks from Quaker, Pagan, and Jewish backgrounds, as well as with musicians and dancers; I work with folks from other backgrounds as well.  I am LGBTQ-friendly and poly-friendly.


I offer/host the following events, without charge: 

  • Friends (Quaker) Meeting for Worship for Healing
  • Singing and music circles
  • Meeting for Worship for Walking - worship-walks in the woods and other places of natural beauty



Generally, I charge a sliding scale based on income. For group events, I ask donations to meet expenses, plus a stipend for my time. If I travel to your community, I ask for travel and lodging, expenses, and a stipend.  (Right now, I live in central NJ, and so am able to travel fairly easily to a number of areas.)

Currently, I do ministry full-time, and do not subsidize my ministry with other paid work.


About me

I am a Quaker Witch: Quaker in the unprogrammed tradition of Friends General Conference in the US; Priestess and Witch in the eclectic feminist tradition of Roses, Too! Coven

I've been involved with ministry since 1986, have been a Priestess and Witch since 1991, and have been active in the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) since 1997.

I have a letter of introduction and support, and an oversight committee for my ministry, from University Friends Meeting in Seattle, WA, where I am a member.  Please click here if you'd like to read the letter.   


About the name

The song "Bread and Roses"  has been important to me since I first learned it as a teenager.  Part of why is because it expresses an important truth about social justice -- that physical and economic survival are not enough:

"Hearts starve as well as bodies; give us bread, but give us roses." 

"Yes, it is bread we fight for, but we fight for roses, too!” 

~ from the song “Bread and Roses,” James Oppenheim and Mimi Fariña

"The worker must have bread, but she must have roses, too." 

~ Rose Schneidermann, social worker and trade unionist; from a 1912 women's suffrage and labor campaign flier

Since 1991, I've been committed to nourishing my heart as well as my body - to meeting my spiritual needs as well as my survival needs - and to working with other people who share this committment.