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Need Help In Math, Science, or General School-work?
  • I can also assist with general education, specifically in Math & Sciences
  • My math expertise comes from an intense interest in mathematics and my education which culminated in Nuclear Engineering in the United States Navy. Algebra is second nature for me.
  • As with advanced mathematics study, my science knowledge likewise comes from a range of real-world experience.  Nuclear Power studies as well as education into Health Sciences form the basis of my skill base.  Beginning Natural/Physical Science through Advanced Topics of Engineering and Anatomy/Physiology are covered.

Lessons Integrated With Practical Computer Use:
  • While traditional studies are encouraged and reinforced, adding in researching skills assisted by computer and the internet are supplemented to build life-long advantages in study.
  • Comprehensive Report Writing Skill, with a focus on utilizing the full capabilities of Office Programs are stressed.  For students heading towards college level studies, emphasis on proper report formats are presented early to make sure they are ready when such formats are necessary.