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Research Interests:

  • Signal Processing for Communications
  • Modulation schemes for communications
  • OFDM
  •  Turbo Codes
  •  Equalization
  •  Space Time Signal processing
  •  Adaptive Signal Processing
  •  FPGA and DSP Processors

Reseach Projects:

  • Channel estimation using Superimpised Training
  • Synchronisation using Superimpised Training
  • MIMO channel estimation

MSc Projects:  


      MSc Dissertation: Fixed Point DSP Implementation of Complete Complementary code CDMA MIMO system on ADSP-21161 SHARC Processor.

  • Design and  simulation of  Digital Modulation Schemes (MATLAB)
  •    QPSK Modem (Simulink)
  •     Digital Signal Processing techniques (MATLAB)
  •     Real Time Systems ( Using Visual DSP on the SHARC DSP 21065L Board and VHDL Design for Xilinx XESS XSV-50 FPGA Board )
  •     JPEG Image Compression (MATLAB)
  •     Adaptive Signal Processing (MATLAB)

Undergraduate Project:

  •      “The design of Radio proximity switch using Integrityware” in conjunction with the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) of India.