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About Us


Dave Frary aka: Ole Salty Beard... makes rules meet the mustard!  Materialized "Chessgammon" while staring down a cup of Maxwell House that could have come off the bottom of the Mississippi River.

Jeff Hayes Aka: Uncle Jed... the mechanism where the origins of Chessgammon commenced. Like a wizard, Jeff is never early, nor is he late, he arrives precisely when he intends to.

Bernard Carman aka: BBC... "The Tweaker" of Smokingames. Infinity Games creator-in-chief mindmelded with the SmokinGames gang.


Matt Levin aka: The Visual Ninja...drew up the logo art for smokingames while assassinating twelve other logo artist!  Levin Creative

Lance Ball aka: The Shovelpunk... always in possession of great ideas. Lance hosted the first SmokinGames meeting and did not have any of us arrested!  Lanceball.com  Shovelpunks.com

Nicole Fuller aka: The Princess...  proud member of "The Go To Team". She destroys male competitors whilst drinking them under the table, all while wearing wings! 

Dustin Onash aka: The GM... "The Go To Crew" leader. Gets it done, no matter what, when, or where, while reciting haiku's like a one-legged samurai.

Travis (Chaaa) Gillen Vaughn Skinner aka: The Chaaa... not just the best play-tester out there, our all around creative get er' done, and the web master navigator.  Orbiting Studio