SmokinGames presents Chessgammon® — Chess-like strategy meets Backgammon-like chance!

We are a homegrown company of life-long game enthusiasts, rules tweekers, and now game designers who have collaborated to introduce the unique combination of the two greatest board games in the history of mankind...


Grab a set of chess pieces, a backgammon board, and you're ready to roll!

Chessgammon is a fusion of two of the most classic board games ever created, combining Chess-like strategy with Backgammon-like chance!

Chessgammon is played on a standard Backgammon board using Chess pieces rather than standard Backgammon pieces.  As in Chess, Chessgammon pieces have unique special abilities which provide a new dimension of strategy to the traditional game of Backgammon.  With a few noted exceptions, all standard rules of Backgammon apply and are a prerequisite for learning Chessgammon.  We hope you enjoy the game!

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Upcoming Events with Chessgammon Demos:

Future DragonCon TBA — Labor Day Weekend, Atlanta, GA

Future Asheville Comic Expo TBA

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