Veggie Rice Stuffed Peppers

3 green peppers

1 box of Zatarain’s New Orleans Yellow Rice

1 small yellow squash or zucchini, small dice

2 slices med onion, chopped

Krafts Philly cooking sauce, savory Italian flavor

Tomato sauce

Cheese for top, parmesan or prefered


Prepare the rice per instructions & let cool down. Cut off pepper tops & core. Par boil for 4 to 5 min, then cool down in cold water.  Mix the rice, squash, onions, & about ¾ tub of the cooking sauce well. Stuff peppers with the mix to ¼ inch of the top. Add 2 Tbs tomato sauce to top of each one. Bake & add cheese at the end to melt.

I did mine on my Traeger on smoke mode 180 deg for 45 min, then at 300 deg for another ½ hour, adding the cheese the last 15 min.