Suzies spinach salad

Suzies Spinach Salad



1 to 2 pkg. spinach or baby spinach, 12 to 20 oz.

1 or two cans of bean sprouts

1 can sliced water chestnuts

1 lb. bacon, fried crisp & crumbled

4 hard boiled eggs chopped or sliced


Note: the bacon and eggs can be added on top of finished salad for a nicer presentation



1 cup of salad oil

2/3 cup sugar

½ cup ketchup

1 Tbs. Worcestershire sauce

1 med onion sliced thin, or chopped

1 tsp. salt

½ cup vinegar


Mix the salad ingredients in a large bowl. Whisk or blend the dressing ingredients except for the onion or I find it easy to mix in a quart ball jar and shake up. Pour dressing over salad and mix well. If adding the bacon & eggs last, garnish each serving and serve. A large salad could serve as an entrée or serve as a side salad. Without the bacon & eggs it would be a great vegetarian salad.


Note: the dressing is really enough for two large bags of spinach. Suzie added the bacon and chopped eggs to the salad, I like to serve sliced eggs and bacon on the side to add.