Pork shoulder al diavolo

Pork Shoulder Al Diavolo



1 skinless, boneless pork shoulder roast

   (Boston butt about 6 lbs.)



Kosher salt to taste

1 Tbs. black pepper corns

1 Tbs. coriander seeds

1 Tbs. crushed red pepper (optional)

1 Tbs. dried oregano

1 Tbs. yellow mustard seeds

1/3 cup olive oil

6 garlic cloves peeled and crushed

1 Tbs. grated lemon zest

2 teaspoons smoked paprika


Score fat cap side of pork down to the meat.


Coarsely grind peppercorns, coriander and mustard seeds in a spice mill or pepper grinder.


Heat oil in small skillet on low heat , add garlic and simmer stirring until just turning golden. I removed the garlic and chopped fine and added back to the skillet. Stir in all the rest of the ingredients, remove from the heat and let cool to room temp.


Rub marinade all over the roast and work into the cuts and crannies. Tie roast with kitchen twine, wrap with several layers of plastic wrap. Chill at least 8 hours, up to 3 days. I did mine for 24 hours.


Place roast on a rack inside a roaster pan. Place it in a preheated smoker at 375 deg. for 45 minutes to 1 hour until fat starts to render. Turn smoker down to 300 deg. and continue to roast to an IT of 150 to 160 deg. I had a 4 lb. roast and it took just over 3 hours total to get to 155 deg. IT. I let mine set about 15 min. then sliced and in a Crockpot on low until ready to eat, about 2 hours. I poured off most of the fat and added the pan drippings and about a cup of water.


Note: To cut some heat I cut the peppercorns to half and omitted the crushed red pepper. Recipe adapted from one on bon appetit.