Pork Rouladens

Pork rouladens


Recipe adapted from Tea Girls on food.com


1 granny smith green apple, diced small

4 large Tbs. sauerkraut, drained

8 slices of bacon, cooked and crumbled

3 to 4 Tbs. crème frache

2 Tbs. oil

4 thin slices pork fillets

Butchers twine or toothpicks

1 quart vegetable or chicken broth

1 Tbs. of corn starch in water to thicken gravy


Mix first four ingredients well. Pound out the pork fillets, I used some pork sirloin. Place what mixture you can get in each one. Roll up and secure by tying with butchers twine or toothpicks. Tying will let you brown them easier. Place the oil in a large skillet and heat on med high, a cast iron skillet is best. Brown them all well. Cover with the broth, bring to a boil then simmer for about an hour. When ready to serve remove the rouladens to hold while you make the gravy. I heated a small jar of Heinz pork gravy and a cup of broth to a boil then added the corn starch slurry to thicken. I served mine with some German spaetzel.


Note: If you can’t use crème frache I found mixing Greek yogurt and some cream cheese works well. Mix two parts yogurt and one part cream cheese.