My Brisket Recipe

Smokin Dons Brisket ver. 1


2 TBS kosher salt

2 TBS sugar

2 TBS brown sugar

1 TBS cumin

1 TBS Med hot chili powder

1 TBS ancho chili powder

1 TBS cracked black pepper

2 TBS smoked paprika

1 TBS garlic flakes

1 7-10 lb. beef brisket

1 quart beef stock or broth & ½ can beer

1 onion sliced

Rub or seasoning


Mix all rub spices well. Trim meat side of any fat & silver skin. Trim fat side leaving fron ½ to ¼ inch layer. My 7 lb brisket looked like no more than ½ inch fat so did not trim much. Coat & rub brisket with the spices well. Wrap in saran wrap & in the fridge overnight.

Set brisket out to warm 45 min. before placing on smoker. Start up smoker. I preheated mine to 300 deg. placed directly on the grill fat side down & turn smoker down to 180 deg. After 5 & half hrs. opened smoker for the first time to take a look, & add my two heat probes. It was at 140 deg. IT so upped the smoker to 225 deg. Another 2 hrs. it was 160 deg. IT so placed the brisket in a foil pan w/wire rack, still fat side down. I had added the stock, beer sliced onion & rub to. Cover w/ aluminum foil & seal. Turn smoker to 250 deg. & cook until 190 – 200 deg IT. Pull & let rest for 40 min. I turned mine fat side up & refoiled pan & placed in 170 deg oven for the 40 min. I then removed from the oven took the foil off & let rest 20 min. then sliced up. Turned out very tender & juicy. If you want more heat you could double the chili powders & pepper or add some cayenne pepper. For me I would omit the white sugar too.