Indonesian ribs

Indoinesian ribs


By Tin from LTBBQ


For the glaze;
put some ketjap in a bowl
add a mdme Jeanette or other other pepper and let that marinade overnight.
You don't want the glaze to become piping hot, so leave the pepper intact. Cut it in shreds if you're nuts.

For the rub;

you -do- need these;
2 table spoons of black pepper
2 table spoons of coriander powder
2 table spoons of paprika powder
2 table spoons of curry powder

you -can- add these;
1 teaspoon garlic powder
1 teaspoon onion powder
1 teaspoon ginger powder
1 teaspoon cumin powder
1 teaspoon lemongrass powder
1 teaspoon staranise grounded
1 teaspoon cloves grounded

What, no salt? Of course there's salt, but you add the salt first, and let that get into the meat before you add the rub. Do that right after breakfast.

Add the rub before you heat up the BBQ.
I add some olive oil with the rub so the meat won't stick to the grates.

 If you have a Weber or other Q that will cook ribs in around an hour and a half , add the ketjap glaze now.
Otherwise, smoke the ribs on a low temperature and brush on the glaze when you only have 1.5 hours to go. It will become tar if you cook ketjap for 4 hours, so you shouldn't t do that.
I brushed on the glaze twice; at 1.5 hr BD and 1 hr BD (before diner).