Don's Special Cheeseburger

Don’s Special Cheeseburger


Cheeseburger prepared as you like

Weber’s Gourmet Burger seasoning

Dried garlic flakes or chopped fresh (optional)

COWB’s (Cheap Ole White Buns)

Swiss cheese slices, real, not processed

Kraft’s Philly cooking crème, Santa Fe Blend

2 half slices crisp bacon, thick slice, per sandwich

Lays Potato chips

Fresh sliced tomatoes

Romaine lettuce


Form your patties & add the garlic, & Weber’s seasoning, I just did one side then added more Weber’s seasoning when I put them on the grill. I did mine on my Traeger, 300 deg. 15 min. flip, another 15 min., add cheese & bun for another 2 min. then pull. My cheese ends up on the bottom because I add the cheese then bottom of bun, then top of bun & when I remove I just pick all up with a spatula, place top of bun under spatula, & pull spatula out for an assembled cheeseburger. Layer by adding a heaping tsp. of the Santa Fe cheese, then 2 half slices of bacon, then a single layer Lays potato chips, a slice of tomato & finally a couple pieces of romaine lettuce. Enjoy!