Chili and corn taco skillet

Skyline Chili and corn taco skillet


Soft corn tacos, about 13

2  15 oz. cans Skyline chili

2 cups shredded cheese, I used 4 cheese Mexican blend

15 oz. fresh corn or frozen, thawed


Layer a 9 inch cast iron skillet, sprayed with olive oil, with the soft corn tacos, up the sides and overlap about half so you end up with two layers deep. I think I used 7. Spray with a little more olive oil; this will help keep them from sticking to the bottom.


Add one can of the chili & spread evenly. Add half the corn then top with one cup of shredded cheese. Repeat for the second layer but do not place tacos up the side, just near the edge and I think I used 6 tacos.


I smoked mine in my Traeger at 170 deg. for 45 minutes; then I went to 300 deg. for another 45 min. For the last 10 minutes I went to 350 deg. Total cook time was 1 ½ hours. Not getting much smoke flavor you could just do at 325 to 350 deg. about 45 min. or until bubbly and browning some.


This could be done in an oven and any chili would work; you could use your choice of cheese too.