brazilian ribs

Brazilian Caipirinha Ribs

Author: Denise Browning

Recipe Type: Main

Cuisine: Brazilian

Serves: about 13 ribs


Tender and tasty Caipirinha baby back ribs marinated with cachaça (or WHITE RUM), and then prepared on the stove top.


·         1 stack (3.3 pounds or 1.5 kg) baby back ribs (buy a stack with 10-14 ribs)

·         ¾ cup cachaça or white rum

·         3 Tablespoons fresh lime juice

·         2 teaspoons light brown sugar

·         6 cloves of garlic, chopped

·         1 Tablespoon plus 1 teaspoon salt

·         ¼ teaspoon ground black pepper

·         1½ Tablespoons annatto powder (used most for coloring foods and available at local supermarkets)

·         ¼ cup fresh parsley, roughly chopped

·         2 teaspoons of oil

·         Honey for basting at the end



I adapted Denise’s recipe to do on my Traeger pellet smoker. I also wanted to do them cut into single ribs and smoked in a pile. It is a method of smoking a bunch of ribs in a smaller area on your smoker. The idea came from BBQ Pit Boys.

 Remove the membrane and cut ribs in single sections. Make up the marinade and puree the blend. I didn’t have annatto powder so omitted it. I also forgot to buy fresh parsley so I used a tablespoon of dried.

 I placed the ribs in a small roaster pan and added the marinade turning to coat well and place in the fridge covered for 8 to 12 hours. I did mine 12 hours and turned them half way through.

 Place the ribs on a preheated smoker in a pile and add two or three bacon strips. I did mine for a total of 4 ½ hours, 220 deg.F for 1 ½ hours, 230 for an hour, 240 for an hour and 250 for an hour. I turned them and brushed on some marinade every 45 minutes. With 40 minutes left I brushed with honey and turned; then once again with 20 minutes left.

 Note: These turned out mighty tasty; I only had one rack of ribs if you do two racks I would say you should go with a temp of 250 to 275 deg.F for the whole cook; This was by the original recipe from the BBQ Pit Boys. You can determine how well done you want them.  The honey at the end was a touch from Denise, he said Brazilians don’t typically do this but like him I think it helps offset the acidity. I think some cayenne or crushed red pepper would be a good addition too.

 The temps I give are from my Savannah Smoker V3 controller; my grill level temps run 5 to 10 degrees hotter.