beer braised ribs

Beer braised short ribs

Adapted from a recipe By kitchen confidante at Food 52


Serves 4

·         3 to 4 pounds short ribs

·         Favorite Beef seasoning

·         4 carrots, diced

·         2 celery stalks, diced

·         1 onion, diced

·         2 green onions sliced

·         5 or 6 cloves garlic cloves diced

·         2 Tablespoons  all-purpose flour

·         Heaping teaspoon porcini mushroom powder (optional)

·         12 ounces good, rich beer, such as stout or porter

·         1 cup chicken stock


For my beef seasoning I used Savor Spices top Secret from Tim; the beer was Deschutes Black Butte Porter and I used Cookinpellets 100% hickory in my Traeger pellet smoker.


Season and smoke the short ribs for one hour, mine ran about 225 deg. grill level. Sear and brown the ribs, I did mine on my Weber gas grill with grill grates and hood temp was 450 deg. Take inside while you make up the veggies and broth.


This is best done in a cast iron Dutch oven. I used my 10 inch chicken friar. Heat some oil on med. high heat; I used a Tbs. of olive oil and two pats of butter. Add in the onions and garlic, salt and pepper, cook until starting to soften some and add in the carrots and celery, cook a few minutes.


Add the Tbs. flour and mushroom powder if using, stir to coat. Pour a little of the beer in and stir to deglaze then add the rest of the beer.


Add the short ribs and the cup of chicken broth and bring to a boil. Cover with a lid and in a 250deg. oven for three hours.


Remove the short ribs and set aside. Skim off most of the grease, bring to a boil and add a slurry of a Tbs. flour and cold water. Let it thicken and cook down for 15 minutes. Add the ribs back in, cover and back in the oven at 225 deg. while you fix any sides to have. I fried some cabbage in a little olive oil and butter with some bacon bits added in. I cooked some German spaetzel style noodles to serve the ribs and gravy over and heated a can of sliced beats with a pat of butter.


Next time I would make this a two day cook. After 3 hours in the oven I would remove the short ribs to a bowl with a cover, skim some of the grease off and both in the fridge overnight. Next day I would skim off the set up fat, and remove the fat from the ribs then reheat it all to serve.