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How Can YOU Help?

A cornerstone part of the Smokey Timbers Mission is to assure that the unique recreational/environmental opportunities offered are always affordable for the primary targeted guests – youth groups -- Girl/Boy Scouts, 4Hers, school and community education activities, church groups, YMCA outings, service activities, environmental education programs, etc. To achieve this objective, fundraising will be an on-going challenge. With ownership acceptance the all-volunteer Smokey Timbers Foundation accepted total Camp responsibility – operation, maintenance, improvement AND retirement of its outstanding $150,000 debt. Significant progress is evident on all fronts. Most encouraging is the increasing number and variety of guests discovering Smokey Timbers to be a destination of choice. Additionally, notable renovation and improvement is an on-going process AND debt has been reduced to $71,000. Increasingly Smokey Timbers is being recognized as the unique asset that its supporters have always known it to be. 

The debt obligation continues to be a “boat anchor” for the Camp. It can readily survive, develop, thrive and succeed in fulfilling its mission on the demonstrated flow of income from typical contributions, fund raising events, modest user fees, and goods and services provided. With the annual debt payment, however, there is always the painful realization of what could have been done with that money. To sustain the momentum achieved and secure the future of this valuable asset the debt MUST be retired!

Contributions to the Camp are always most welcome. Whether they be monetary or useable goods and services, the assistance of “Friends of the Camp” is always received with grateful appreciation. The Smokey Timbers Foundation is covered by a 501(c)(3) IRS designation and, as such, contributions to the camp qualify as tax deductible per IRS publication 526.

A convenient Pledge Form for long term financial commitments is attached. One time contributions can simply be sent to the Camp’s mailing address. Inquiries and questions are welcome and can be initiated by calling the Camp telephone, 320-766-5290.






Jack Anderson,
Jun 22, 2015, 7:41 AM