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OLD Membership

This page is very out of date, so please do not pay attention.  To get our current membership information, please visit the new(er) membership page.

Homeowner's associations like SHA work hard to keep our neighborhood beautiful by maintaining our amenities like the pool, cabana, docks, and tennis courts as well as our entry signs and landscaping.  Unlike almost all other homeowner's associations, membership is not required of Smoketree residents.  That said, we need your support, and every household should join.  Even if a family does not use the amenities, every home benefits from having landscaped entryways and a clean, guarded pool.

Ours is a nice neighborhood, and the pool, tennis courts and lake access make Smoketree all the more attractive.  The benefits of joining for $400 per year greatly outweigh the loss in property value you, as a resident of Smoketree, would suffer if the pool, lake and tennis courts were closed permanently.

We know that times are tough for everyone, and the homeowner's association has cut back as much as it can without endangering our core assets.  In times like these, it may be difficult to spend $400 on a membership, especially one that appears to be purely a "pool" membership.  To make it easier to join, we have provided a monthly payment option for full members.  You can either pay in one lump sum or monthly, but in either case, we are charging an additional 5% to cover our costs for providing this service.

Full Membership:
Swimming Pool and Tennis Courts
Free admission to SHA events
Free summer water aerobics classes
Free cabana rental for private events
Free advertising of your business or services in the Signal and on the SHA website

Civic Membership:
$50 per month summer water aerobics
$50 per reservation for Cabana rental for private events
$20 for Dive-In movie events at the pool

Payments Methods
Full Membership
Cash or Check:  $400
One-time Charge:  $420
Monthly Charge:  $35 per month for 12 months
Civic Membership:  $50 one time payment by cash or check

The one-time or monthly charges would show up on your statement as "RBS WorldPay", our credit processor.

If you would like to use the credit card option, please sign up using the SHA Pay form and return it to George Baker.  Rest assured that your credit card information will be protected.

On behalf of the SHA board, we would like to thank all those who have joined this year, and we look forward to seeing all residents join!
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