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SmokeTip operates the web site and sell smoke tip e cig and smoke tip e cigars, which is a little or startup website contending in the e-cigarettes & vaping vertical. Every month, approximately 40 online buyers seek out "SmokeTip coupon codes," so SmokeTip is pretty popular among U.S. consumers for discounts and online coupons. The bests smoketip deals can all be found here on this page

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Does SmokeTip offer free shipping transport? Yes, SmokeTip offers a great ongoing free shipping and smoketip promo code offers. SmokeTip basically has a free shipping coupon going constantly on their website. This implies you don't even desire a discount code to get free shipping and delivery, just add your items to your shopping cart software, go through checkout, then you'll receive a free shipping and delivery discount on your order at the smoketip website
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You are looking at current coupons and discount offers for February 2019. For more relating to this website, and its current promotions hook up with them on Tweets @smoketip, or Facebook 
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SmokeTip is the ultimate e-cigarette, the closest you'll receive to the real deal. It tastes, feels and looks like a genuine cigarette, but with no of the dangerous smoking and the lingering smells. SmokeTip products are also simple to use, holding a considerable charge and coming with a number of easy-to-install refills.  smoke tip filter promos are common also so keep an eye out for them 
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Smoketip Coupon Code 2019

Smoketip Batteries

SmokeTip's has a lifetime battery replacement policy which is a great feature you will never have to spend on more batteries with SmokeTip like you do with other barnds. And the cartridges are good for around 250 puffs and the 180mAh battery last for about that many puffs also.

Smoketip Compatible Cartridges

read smoketip starter kit reviews and find compatible cartridges 

Smoketip Rewards

For each purchase at you earn Reward Points , they are the same as cash and can be used toward purchasing products on At the bottom of each product page you will see the points you will receive for a purcahse of that product. When have enough points to redeem a certain products, a button appears below the Add to Cart.

Smoketip Phone Number


Vertigo-SmokeTip Cartridges Volume Pricing:
1 5-Pack (5 Cartridges): $9.95
4 5-Packs (20 Cartridges): $9.65 per 5-Pack
8 5-Packs (40 Cartridges): $9.35 per 5-Pack
12 5-Packs (60 Cartridges): $9.15 per 5-Pack
20 5-Packs (100 Cartridges): $9.00 per 5-Pack

Smoketip Disposables

Disposable cigarettes are a great option for vapers that want to try out new flavors of Smoketip’s products. Very well set for first time users who want to give vaping a test run , without the need to invest loads of money in starter kits. Read the smoketip user manual for more advice and the full set of smoketip instructions

About: "Go through the e-cigarette from Smoketip. Free shipping, lifetime warrantee, and cheap prices, ensure you get your smokeless cigarette today!" There is merely one Starter Equipment available, and it's coming in at $59.95 for just two automated batteries, five cartridges, wall membrane adapter and USB charger. Although most companies offer less expensive and more intensive starter packages, the vapor production from the SmokeTip e-cig is fairly impressive. The development quality may not be up to the criteria of the industry-leaders, and you could find e-cigs with better vapor creation, but for the purchase price there may be little to complain about.

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Smoketip Flavors

There are 21 flavors including
  1. Regular
  2. Menthol
  3. Cowboy
  4. mild menthol
  5. vanilla, coffee
  6. almond, apple
  7. banana, blueberry
  8. cherry
  9. chocolate
  10. cinnamon
  11. clove
  12. grape
  13. orange
  14. peach
  15. peppermint
  16. pineapple
  17. strawberry
  18. watermelon

SmokeTip USB Charger – $16.95
SmokeTip Wall Adapter – $12.95
Wall & USB Charger – $27.95
Travel Charger Case – $18.95
SmokeTip Car Charger – $18.95
USB Passthrough – $19.95