"People. I promise you all if it wasn't socially frowned upon, I would have bathed in that broth. It was a broth so good, the perfectly cooked shrimp became an afterthought. It got to a point where patrons were knife fighting each other for extra dipping bread. It was just that good." 

"Thank you to Smokesouth for catering the Citadel's homecoming! The ribs and pork were awesome. We look forward to having you cater our next event!" 

"Most people would have looked at this as overkill for a mere spoonful of potatoes, but my belly couldn't have been happier." 

"I am just piggy backing on what I am sure you have heard thousands of time....... Your food rocks!!!!!!!!!!!! That was by far the best and biggest ribs I have ever eaten. Let me know where your next event is as I would love to be a part of. I will be looking forward to eating your food again."

"I'm excited to see what chef Schiltz will bring to the Lowcounty. Heaven knows it would be nice to have a chef in this town that doesn't rely on some gimmick or over-the-top personality and just makes good, simple food."

"The Burnt Ends were kinda like Redneck Foie Gras and the cake tastes like pretty ladies on the beach"

"These were by far the best ribs we had ever had, and that’s bold statement from us, especially being born and raised in the South."

"Doesn't get any better than that"

"I'm a native of the Lone Star State, & buddy, you nailed it"

"The most tender shrimp I have ever had. Perfect."

"Best ribs I have ever had! Perfectly seasoned. Great Bark. great Smoke. Tender but not mushy. And the apple cole slaw really brought the season into the dish."

"If this were a wedding cake....there would be no anniversary portion a year later!"

"Brian Schiltz is a genius - chef - mastermind!"

"Gonna name my next child after these ribs. Riblet will be her name."

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