$39.75 $8.25 (certificate fee*) 
We will electronically send your certificate to DMV after the test at NO EXTRA CHARGE!

- Super Fast 15 Minute Service
- Very Easy To Get To (and a nice neighborhood to stop in)
- First Come First Served - No Appointment Needed

* In smog checks price advertising is not WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) - there are shops in Mountain View or Sunnyvale or San Jose advertising cheap deals like $19.95 or $29.95 but they hit you up with extra charges and hidden fees easily doubling or tripling the price if you have a truck or SUV or van or need STAR certification or your car is 1999 and not 2000, etc and if you walk into their shop without a coupon and ask for a price it's usually $59+ for the same service. Just check do some research and check their yelp reviews or make a few calls.

We have transparent and honest pricing! Our offer applies to all vehicles that are 1996 and newer. We have a price sign in front of the shop saying $39 - everybody gets the same low price! No price changes once you arrive.

All vehicles newer than 1996 whether a Ferrari or a Civic, you just pay $39.75 + 8.25 (cert. fee)

Only vehicles that are not subject to this deal are 1) 1995 and older vehicles and 2) commercial heavy vehicles gross weight over 6000 lbs, 3) vans where the engine cover has to be removed manually for inspection and 4) RVs/motorhomes. These vehicles are subject to extra charges either because  they're hard to work on and/or different tests are needed. You may call and ask our competitive pricing for these vehicles if you have one. Call 650-383-SMOG. Everybody else pays the same low price above.

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We are open Monday - FRIDAY 8AM-5PM. 

Saturdays 9AM-4PM.

flexible hours may be available with advance notice

 3508 El Camino Real @Matadero/Margarita Ave
~ 2 blocks South of Page Mill Road / Oregon Expressway

in between Creekside Inn and old CrossFit building.

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4 Less Smog Check of Palo Alto

We primarily serve below zip codes and communities, but welcome customers from everywhere.

94027 Atherton 94022 Los Altos 94024 Los Altos 94025 Menlo Park 94040 Mountain View 94041 Mountain View 94043 Mountain View 94301 Palo Alto 94303 Palo Alto 94304 Palo Alto 94306 Palo Alto 94028 Portola Valley 94061 Redwood City 94062 Redwood City 94063 Redwood City 94070 San Carlos 94305 Stanford

We provide smog certification, STAR smog check, smog test, STAR station directed vehicles, coupon, discount, emissions test, DMV registration requirement, out of state, change of ownership, gross polluters, registration renewal, gasoline, diesel, cng/lpg/natural gas vehicle inspection

We guarantee Dealer service equivalent for emission test for all vehicles done at significantly less cost and time.

We can service any make and model vehicle. 

We service Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Chevrolet, Ford, Volkswagen, Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Chrysler / Dodge, Kia, Mazda, Hyundai, and other vehicles.

We also service high performance sports cars such as Ferrari, Mas
erati, Porsche, Mercedes AMG,  Lamborghini, BMW M and Audi S and R series vehicles and rare imports such as Alfa Romeo, Peugeot, Fiat, etc. 

Any questions please feel free to call (650) 383- SMOG 

No appointment needed, first come first served, our average service time is 15 minutes or less.