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Feature NameDescriptionExisting Apps
Feature NameDescriptionExisting Apps
Answers & Activities A network of SMO specialists on hand to answer questions and provide virtual consulting for micropayments. Sort of a Yahoo Answers or Crowdspring for SMO -- with a payment system. Also network of interns and temp help for mundane work (ala Mechanical Turk).  Yahoo Answers, Twitter, Mechanical Turk 
Asset Library Documents, images, logos, videos, etc. to use throughout networks. Similar to Salesforce "Content" module.  google docs  
Content Suggestor  Suggest new content and keywords followers would be interested in, high on google trends, related phrases, news items, studies, etc. Also can suggest ways to title content to make it more relevant and attractive to click. popurls.com, alltop.com 
Dashboards & Reports Empirical metrics on # of posts made by company, others made related to terms, traffic from activities, followers, friends, links in, etc. Reputation trackers can provide some of this, but may be limited to term mention measurement. Ability to spit out reports, cross tab data, send reports regularly to individuals, look at data based on terms, followers, competitors, employees, etc.  Google analytics, Tweetstats, also see reputation trackers.  
Follower Analysis  Display follower interests (tagclouds, aggregate), reach, habits (when they post), crossover. Applies to Twitter, Facebook, private social networks, forums, people who mention company or competitors in other networks.  Twannabee.com 
Follower suggestions  Suggest people you should follow based on current follower list, lists of terms and interests, reputation parameters  Twannabee.com  
Link Shrink & Track Tool to shrink links throughout all other tools and track them. Also ability to add web analytics tags (to track conversion and use tool of record (Omniture))  Budurl.com 
Network Density Analyzer Ability to load customers and view what social networks they're a part of. This would transition into actions to connect to customers such as "follower suggestion" and pull data from "profile analyzer"  Unbound Technologies, Rapleaf 
Password Manager Manage all passwords in one location. Ability to set up user profiling with employees so you can have master password and they can have sub-passwords to access central accounts.  roboform.com, keepass.com, 1password.com  
Personal Profiler  Ability to click on any 'friend' to get normalized 360 degree view of person -- interests, accounts, birthday, presence, authority, etc. Could be plugin (right click on a username or highlight with star (like StumbleUpon). Could set up with paramaters (related to follower suggestion feature).   
Polling Tool Ability to create a poll on the fly and post it to various networks…central location, central reporting.  polldaddy.com, buzzdash.com 
Reputation Tracker Scans blogs, twitter, facebook, comments, discussion boards, news, etc. on terms (key terms, competitors, etc.)  Free: Google, Trendpedia.com, Howsociable.com, Blogpulse.com, Technorati, Backtype.com, Yacktrack.com, boardtracker.com, boardreader.com, bigboards.com, friendfeed.com, socialmention Paid: Buzzlogic, Radian6, Visible technologies, Nielson, TNSCymfony, Trackur, BrandsEye, Sentiment Metrics, Cision, Umbria  
Time Tracker Analyze time spent on different networks, sites, posts, etc. by you and employees. Reports on ROI of time and recommends where to spend more time based on objectives.   
Tool & Network Reputation With 200 Twitter tools and thousands of widgets, addins, and extensions, this would be a central database of all tools, their popularity, traffic, rating on impact, etc. Ostensibly, this would be managed across a system of other outside users. Sort of a 'Crunchbase' of the best social marketing tools judged by the brands who use them.  Crunchbase, Techcrunch, Mashable, Compete.com, Quantcast.com 
Workflow: Reminder & Alerts Reminder to you and designees to post, update, or check something. Also can set up custom alerts related to actions not taken or hot items.  Basecamp.com 
Workflow: Ticket System Ability to send email to colleague with a 'to do' that feeds back into a status / reporting system   
Showing 16 items