Welcome to the home of SMOD Redux! SMOD Redux is a fan-made expansion to the Half-Life 2 modification "SMOD" Made by "The SMOD Author".

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Install Clarification for Patch - June 18th, 2010

Some players have been reporting that the patch is not working and they still get the issue where no SMOD weapons, commands or features will work. This is most likely due to improper installation of the patch. You MUST restart Steam after installing the patch or the changes will not apply. You also MUST install the patch after the Addon Pack. This is because the patch fixes a critical issue with The SMOD Menu System running on the Source SDK Base engine.

As for broken lighting/cubemaps, refer to the posting below on how to fix. This is proving to be a complicated issue to address in a public release because of possible legal issues, as well as the fact it would make the file size several times larger.

Please keep in mind that making a proper fix for these issues has been difficult because i do not have the source code to SMOD, and therefore cannot make the changes needed to make SMOD fully compatible with the new update. My current commitment to SMOD: Tactical also prevents me from doing a full update at this time. 

Map Lighting Issues - May 29th, 2010

Valve's May 26th update also updated several maps with HDR lighting. These maps no longer function correctly in SMOD or Redux, and will have broken lighting and cubemaps when run in either mod.

You can fix this yourself by using GCFScape (Google search for it if you do not have it) to extract the pre-update maps from the "half-life 2 content.gcf" file. Extract them into your "smodredux/maps" folder. You will now be able to play the pre-update maps.

The maps affected by this (as of May 29th) are:

Future updates to Half-Life 2 may affect more maps. You should copy over ALL the maps to be safe.

Emergency Patch Release! - May 26th, 2010

Valve released an update for Half-Life 2 earlier today that, among other changes, made it use the Orange Box (Episode 2) engine. However thanks to the changes of this update SMOD and several sub-mods of it, including Tactical and Redux, have been rendered broken and unplayable.

So this patch is to quickly restore Redux back to working condition. There are no changes from future versions within this patch, just what is needed for Redux to work once more.

Redux now runs under the Source SDK Base engine as of this patch, you must have it installed before playing Redux.


Once downloaded, extract the files within to your "smodredux" folder and restart Steam. You must restart steam in order for the changes to apply.

As a special note, make sure you install this patch after the Addon Pack. You'll lose the Player Model Selector, but this patch fixes a critical issue with the menu system running on the Source SDK Base engine.

March Optional Content Release Part 2 - March 31st, 2010

Sorry for another delay. I was hoping for at least 3 parts of content releases this month, but thanks to time constraints i just narrowly got this second one done before the end of the month.

First is the HGrunt model that was used for the Friendly Combine NPC until Version 7. It comes with the unique sounds it used from those versions as well.

Model/Textures: Romka
Source Conversion: Sgt Wilko


While most of the weapon releases have concentrated on a more modern arsenal for Redux, here's something for the fans of the older weapons. The STG44 replaces the AK-47 model and fire sounds.

Models/Textures/Animations/Sounds: Day of Defeat Team
HL2 Arm Hack/SMOD Compile: Onemanshow



March Optional Content Release Part 1 - March 3rd, 2010

Sorry for the delay. Because of time constraints, i decided to break up content releases throughout the month then keep you all waiting.

First, the old UMP-45 model from Version 6 has been fixed up (mainly smoothing and ironsights) and released as a replacement model for the Grease Gun. Technically, it would be a better fit for the MP40, but it currently lacks a melee attack animation. It also has a unique fire sound and HUD icon. The HUD name also refers to it as the UMP as well.

Model: Outlaw
Skin: S.P.I.T.Z.
Compile: Bullet_Head
Animations: Valve
HL2 Animation Edits: Quad
SMOD Compile: Onemanshow


Also, the USP Tactical has been updated with a fixed world model, HUD icon and proper HUD weapon name.


Expect more to be released this month.

A Change of Plans - February 20th, 2010

While Redux has been quiet lately, rest assured that work has been made on the next version. Version 9. However, a discovery has been made that has forced the future development of Redux to make a few changes.

SMOD is known for it's massive arsenal of weapons. As of 40a SMOD also offers 30 possible custom weapons for mods and modders to add into SMOD. However when i made tests with all 30 possible custom weapon slots used + SMOD's own weapons, some failed to show on the HUD. Even when i would drop weapons, give the missing weapon, and then pick up the dropped weapons for it, some still would not show.

After further testing, i found out that HL2's HUD only supports 64 weapons on it at one time. Adding SMOD's full selection along with all 30 custom weapons results in 69 possible weapons in SMOD!

It was planned for Redux, along with the Addon Pack to use all 30 custom weapon slots eventually. But i would rather have users be able to select all the weapons rather then supply so many that the HUD cuts some off.
This means Redux will have 5 less weapons then it would have if the HUD did not have this limit.

The good news about this is that you will be getting more weapons in the next version of Redux and the Addon Pack then what was initially planned. Version 9 will be adding 2 new weapons, and the next version of the Addon Pack will be adding 5 new weapons instead of 4. What exactly these new weapons are will be revealed at a later date.

In the meantime, there's some Optional Content releases planned to be released soon. Including fixes for a few already released. Check back soon for them.

Also, do not be concerned if Redux goes silent for a few months at a time. I also work on the mod SMOD: Tactical and cannot always split my time between them and deliver timely updates.