Adobe Illustrator

Error: "unable to set maximum number of files to be opened"

Solution:  Adobe and SMART do not always play well, so here is the solution!

To remove /etc/launchd.conf

1.) Go to finder

2.) Go to the Go Menu at the top of the screen

3.) Scroll to "Go to Folder..." the second option from the bottom or press Command+shift+G all at the same time

4.) When the pop-up box comes up, type "/etc" (no quotes) and press he flashing "Go" button

5.) locate the "launchd.conf" file. I just dragged it into the trash, but if you want to edit it, open it in a text editor like BBedit or TextEdit. The entry that is causing the problem is the "limit maxfiles" line. If you remove that line and restart the problem will be fixed. If you remove the whole file, your SmartBoard preferences will be lost, apparently, but I didn't verify this.

6.) You must restart - simply dragging the file into the trash or removing the "limit maxfiles" line is not enough.

Once you restart, your Illustrator should function again.