Welcome to Camden County!

More than anyone, your family understands the challenge of packing up, leaving friends behind, and being "the new kid" at school. However, having an enrollment in which 30% of the students are from military families has created an atmosphere of acceptance, especially for new students.  To help ensure this transition is smooth, students in the Connections Club (typically comprised of other students in a military family) show new students around, sit with them during lunch, and provide a first-hand perspective of life at SMMS.

Being an adolescent today is tough with the influx of instant information and constant socialization.  Being an adolescent dealing with some of the challenges that are unique to your family can be even more challenging.  So in addition to our regular guidance counselors, we have a Military Family Life Counselor located at our school as well.  This person provides an extra layer of support as you transition to Kings Bay.

So, pardon the pun, welcome aboard!

Daniel Burns