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We all need a little direction sometimes

Let's face it, middle school is tough.  We want to help you wade through some of the changes you will encounter as you wander through the maze of classes, friends, teachers, cliques, and the greatest unknown: the future.  So click around and find some "guidance" on different issues, challenges, and tips as we navigate through middle school together!
Mr. Burns

http://smms.camden.k12.ga.us/(visit the main SMMS web page)

If you need assistance with PowerSchool, please see the Walk in My Shoes PowerPoint file at the bottom of this page.  Contact Student Services if you need help resetting your forgotten passwords.

Parenting Workshop on Nov. 13th!  See "Save the Date" for information.

Navigating through Middle School

6th Grade: Starting your journey

7th Grade: Finding your way

8th Grade: Setting sail
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12 May 2017, 10:52
Daniel Burns,
26 Sep 2017, 12:35