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Let us help make the second semester a successful one!

About after School Tutoring
     The SMMHS Learning Center is limited in the amount of students that we can help after school.  We have both limited space and a limited amount of available tutors.  We have several measures in place to help insure that our services are provided fairly and equitably for all students referred.  We sincerely request that parents and students understand and abide by these measures:

1. A student must be referred by an academic teacher for services.
The teacher will contact the Learning Center via phone, email, or in person to make the referral.
2.  The Learning Center will schedule the student for a date/time to get after school help.  
Students are normally scheduled for ONE day a week. (Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday)
3.  A referral guarantees no more than 3 consecutive sessions.
The Learning Center cannot provide continuous tutoring for any one student.  Our main objective is to assist students temporarily on an as needed basis.  Parents who want their children to have regular and continuing assistance should consider hiring a private tutor.  
4.  Students will not be limited on the number of referrals they can receive duirng the year.
They may be referred by the same teacher or other teachers at various times during the year.  We will fill spaces on an individual basis according to specific students needs and the resources we have available to meet those needs.
5.  After school sessions begin at 2:30 and the Learning Center closes at 4:00 PM.
We need to know if a student will/will not be present for the full 90 minutes.  If not then we may be able to schedule more students for shorter sessions.  Please do not come into the building to pick up a student after tutoring.  The student can leave through the high school or middle school entrance and you may pick them up outside.
6.  Please do us the courtesy of letting us know if a student will not be coming to their scheduled tutoring session.
Other students are always waiting for services.  If you are not going to be here, please allow us to offer that space to someone else.
Success Net Workshops for Students
    The Learning Center offers a series of workshops on most Monday afternoons between 2:30 and 3:30.  These sessions are designed to help students learn how to be more organized, disciplined, and successful.  This year we are calling the series "Success Net".  We see these workshops as an important part of the Learning Center's network of support for students.  Our #1 goal is their sucess.  
    All students are welcome to attend the workshops and no referral is required.  Students should visit the Learning Center to register in person.  We do not allow parents to register students!
    Students should come expecting to listen, take notes, and ask questions.  There are usually hand-outs that students can save as a reference.  They should have time to go to their lockers, the restroom, or to get a snack before the session begins.  Students can be picked up at either school entrance at 3:35.  
    Given our theme, each session is identified by hashtag.  Dates are listed below for both semesters.

  #Excellence--August 22/January 9

  #Organization--August 29/January 23

  #Priorities--September 12/January 30

  #Preparation--September 19/February 6

  #Teachers--September 26/February 13

  #ClassTime--October 17/February 17

  #Note-Takers--October 24/March 6

  #Methods4Takers--October 31/March 13

  #StudyApps--November 7/April 3

  #TestPrep--November 14/April 10

  #TestTips--November 21/April 17

  #StressRelief--December 5/April 24

  #Delete&Update--December 12/May 1

    Success Net is for students who earnestly desire to improve their study skills, to be independent and responsible learners, and to develop effective habits.   We can only offer the tools that students need.  They must make the choice to use them regularly.  
    A system of consistent rewards and consequences is the most effective means of shaping student choices and behaviors.  Accountability must be required and reinforced both at school and at home.  We strongly urge parents to follow-up after Success Net sessions and encourage students in their efforts to develop the habits of success.
    You can use the link below for a printable list of all workshops and dates.

Leslie Wilson,
Aug 23, 2016, 4:15 AM